Jonathan Bennett Has a 'Mean Girls' Dance In His 'DWTS' Future, Per His Partner Allison Holker

Not all actors like the movies they've been in, but Jonathan Bennett definitely loves Mean Girls. He may have played dreamy Aaron Samuels a whopping 10 years ago, but he still holds the character close to his heart. So much so that on on Monday's Dancing With the Stars Bennett and partner Allison Holker are doing a Mean Girls -inspired dance. It makes sense that they'd honor the film because a very important Mean Girls holiday is upon us: October 3rd. Also known as the day Bennett's Aaron Samuels asked Lindsay Lohan's Cady what day it was. She replied with the iconic line, "It's October 3rd."

So what does the DWTS duo have planned for the big day? Well, they would wear pink, but it's going to be a Friday (boo). But rest assured that Holker and Bennett do wear pink on Wednesdays. "Even though he was in it, he's a huge fan of the movie as well," Holker told me. "So every Wednesday we've been wearing pink to our rehearsals just for us." Too adorable. (What else can you expect from the show's sweetest contestant?)

But the Mean Girls news doesn't stop there. When Holker and Bennett are in practice on October 3rd, they'll be performing a very special number. "As far as rehearsals go, I can say that this week's dance is going to make the Mean Girls fans very happy," Holker hinted. When pressed for details she said if she were to use an emoji to describe the dance, she'd use a santa hat. Gasp! Does this mean the famed winter talent show dance will be back?

Although Aaron Samuels wasn't in that number in the film, it's a pretty iconic part and it would be beyond awesome to see something about it included in their dance. So, fingers crossed that come Monday, we'll get to see Bennett and Holker bust some of these moves out.

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Images: Paramount Pictures; rebloggy