Lady Gaga Orders Pizza Without Pants

Lady Gaga has always demonstrated an aversion to pants. The singer, whose real hair is rarely seen, has gone pants-free at Mets games in her native NYC, while onstage entertaining her legions of little monsters, and at a variety of other fashion events. It's as though her mantra is "Pants? Who needs 'em?" So it shouldn't shock anyone that she orders her pizza pantlessly, as well.

Gaga posted a photo showing off her heart-shaped derriere while ordering a slice at the counter of a non-descript pizza joint.

T-shirt? Check. A thong-boy shorts hybrid serving as undies? Check. Ripped fishnets? Check. Black Diana-Ross-meets-Beyonce-in-that-Austin-Powers-movie wig? Check. That coif is still a thing, it seems.

The reason that Gaga grabbing vittles without wearing any pants is striking at this point in her career, besides the fact that her booty is tight enough to bounce quarters off of, is because it reminds you that she is still the same Mother Monster she has always been. Despite the drubbing she has received in the wake of ARTPOP and the fact that she has become pop music's whipping girl in the months since the album landed with a not-so-spectacular thud, she is still the same as she always was.

Gaga was also snapped adding a new tattoo to her collection. While Gaga lore has indicated that she only tattoos the left side of her body as part of a covenant with her Italian father, who was said to be against his his baby girl getting inked, she got a new etching on her inner right arm. See her in action, adding to her body art, below. Guess that pact with dad is null and void now that she has moved to the right side.

Images: Getty/Instagram/Twitter