45 Reasons to Love Gwen Stefani

Rejoyce. Beside's just being Mean Girls day, Oct. 3 marks is Gwen Stefani's birthday, and this year she is turing 45. Yes, she is actually 45. No, I cannot believe it either, but it is true. I mean, look at her face. Check out those abs. Wow. Just wow. I guess the time really flies fast when you are constantly entertained by someone. She went from being the sole woman in No Doubt, to being an unstoppable solo singer, to becoming a fashion icon, and then launching several fashion and beauty lines of her own. Gwen Stefani really does do it all. Every time I think I have her all figured out, she does something different and innovative. Of course, this only makes me love her even more. Through every musical and stylish evolution, Stefani never lets her fans down and there are an endless amount of reasons to be a Gwen supporter. It is so nice to see her back in the spotlight again on The Voice, but let’s not forget that Gwen Stefani has always had it going on. On top of that, she is clearly feeling and looking great at 45. So in honor of her birthday, here are 45 reasons everyone cannot help loving Gwen Stefani.

1. She Was in No Doubt

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Of course, this had to be mentioned at number one. Without No Doubt, we would not know our beloved Gwen. No Doubt helped usher in 90s ska music and no one could not take our eyes off of Stefani as the front woman.

2. She Goes All Out for Every Performance

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With every performance with No Doubt and as a solo act, Stefani completely immerses herself. The set is always decked out, shes's always moving around, and she's always dressed to the nines in a different theme. Boring is never a word to be associated with Gwen Stefani.

3. She Rocks that Signature Red Lipstick

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Stefani's signature red lips are almost as famous as she is. She has even said, "My husband really loves the red, so I keep the red because I want to keep the husband."

4. She's an Inspiration for Making it Work with an Ex

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Stefani and Tony Kanal broke up in 1994, but refused to let No Doubt suffer. They continued working together and even performed songs inspired by the breakup. Awkward? Yes. It worked though. The breakup fueled their creativity and No Doubt continued its success.

5. She Is Philanthropic

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She has supported many charities over the years including UNICEF, Save the Children, and Elton John AIDS Foundation. She is even an honorary board member of the EB Medical Research Foundation.

6. She Wore a Pink Wedding Dress

She always has to put her unique spin on things. Her wedding dress looked very traditional at first glance, but as you look down the color turns darker into a pink hue. She was way ahead of the current ombre trend.

7. She Has a Cute (but Not Too Cute) Relationship with her Husband

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Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are adorable. They are clearly in love, yet they are not overdoing it by throwing it in our faces. They strike the right balance between keeping things private and being publicly adorable.

8. She Has her Own Perfumes

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You can smell just like Stefani if you want to. She has several perfumes for you to choose from. She has several in her Harajuku Lovers line and another for her LAMB line.

9. She Felt a Need to spell Bananas in "Hollaback Girl"

I will never hear the word "banana" without spelling it in my mind and I have Gwen Stefani to thank for that. She can make anything and everything catchy.

10. She Doesn't Age

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She is like the John Stamos of pop music. Even at 45-years-old, Gwen Stefani still looks like she's "Just a Girl."

11. She Will Never Leave No Doubt Behind

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She didn't abandon the group who made her famous when she embarked on her solo ventures. No Doubt still gets together for albums, tours, and performances.

12. She had a Spoken Word intro in "Hey Baby" that is Legendary

Gwen Stefani talking in the beginning of "Hey Baby" still gives me the chills. Hearing that will never get old.

13. She is Adorable on The Voice

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She is not afraid to shamelessly beg contests to join her team. She sings her own songs to woo the contests. She runs up on stage to hand out hugs. Stefani is just a gem to watch. I would be on Team Gwen any day.

14. She has the Cutest Friendship with Pharrell

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They collaborate on music together and they even sit next to each other on The Voice. They are the cutest and coolest male/female best friend duo.

15. She Branched Out & Tried Acting

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Stefani played the legendary Jean Harlow in the 2004 hit movie The Aviator, and she looked absolutely perfect as the famous blond bombshell.

16. She Is a Great Mom

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Even with everything going on, Stefani still has the time to be a great mom. She has three sons with her husband, Kingston, 8, Zuma, 5, and Apollo, 6 months.

17. She's a Strong Woman Who's Constantly Surrounded by Dudes

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Gwen Stefani is surrounded by three sons and her husband at home. She works with three male judges and a male host on The Voice, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell, and Carson Daly. She was the only girl in No Doubt.

18. But She Likes Hanging Out with Girls Too

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Remember this entourage? She even made this recent remark on The Voice , "I’m used to being the only girl. I paid for Harajuku girls to hang out with me at one point in my life because no girls would hang out with me."

19. She Has the Best Platinum Blonde Hair

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When you think Gwen Stefani, you cannot help picturing platinum blonde locks. This is her signature style and it works with all of the clothes she decides to rock. Whether she's dressed punk rock or more glamorous, the blonde hair is just so on point.

20. But She Can Pull of the Crazy Hair Colors Too

Yes, platinum blonde is her signature look, but Stefani's hair has been every single color under the sun. There is no one else who can go from pink hair to black to blue to blonde and look amazing with every single transformation.

21. She Knows How to Turn a Negative into a Positive

The lyrics and music video for "Hollaback Girl" were inspired by a comment Courtney Love made in Seventeen Magazine. Love said, "Being famous is just like being in high school. But I’m not interested in being the cheerleader. I’m not interested in being Gwen Stefani. She’s the cheerleader, and I’m out in the smoker’s shed." Stefani took that and ran with it as a compliment, dressing up as the cheerleading captain in the music video and in several live performances.

22. She Is a Style Icon

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She is a fashion chameleon. She can go from dressing like a punk to a starlet to a mom on the go. She even has her own fashion lines, allowing us all to follow her fashion sense.

23. She & Eve Have the Best Collaborations

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At first it was kind of a surprise. Rapper Eve and No Doubt's Gwen Stefani? But it ended up being a match made in heaven. The two killed it with the hits "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" and "Rich Girl." I am patiently waiting for a third song. Or even a whole album.

24. She's an Unabashed Tennis Fan

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Stefani and Rossdale are good friends and fans of tennis player Roger Federer. If you want a shot at running into Gwen Stefani, go to one of Federer's tennis matches. It is very likely that she will be there in the stands showing her support, cheering, and probably holding one of her babies.

25. She Lip Sync Battled with Blake Shelton & Jimmy Fallon

She is not afraid to get silly. Stefani, Blake Shelton, and Jimmy Fallon lip synced popular songs on The Tonight Show. Can't help loving a girl who has fun with everything she does and she really killed that lip sync.

26. She Will Always Have the Best Abs

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I have no idea where she finds the time to workout, but Stefani has always and will always have the best abs. She really needs to come out with a workout video or something. I would definitely buy that. I don't know if I would come through on the working out part, but it's the thought that counts.

27. She has So Many Famous Friends

This is not at all surprising since everyone loves Gwen Stefani. Celebrities are no different. I would love to be invited to a girls night with Stefani and her friends. Especially if it includes Nicole Richie, Chelsea Handler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, and Naomi Watts. I could definitely fit in with that crew...

28. She has Such Cute #TBT Posts

I can take it or leave it in regard to #ThrowBackThursday, but Stefani always does it right. From posting embarrassing '90s pictures to photos of baby Gwen back in the day, she makes me "aaaaww" just about every single week.

29. She Has an Obsession With Fans' Tattoos

If you follow Stefani on any form of social media, you have to notice that she is always posting pictures with fans who have No Doubt or Gwen Stefani tattoos. If you want to meet her or at least get a mention online, getting some ink could be the way to go. Although the reward for that risk is not guranteed.

30. She Has a Nice Relationship with Her Parents

Stefani makes an effort to spend time with everyone important in her life, especially her parents. She is always making sweet shout outs to them on social media. Gwen and her mom even designed and sewed her prom dress inspired by Grace Kelly in the movie Rear Window.

31. She has the Most Interesting Shoes

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Even with all of the entertaining hair, makeup, and clothing, Stefani still surprises us with her shoes. She can be seen rocking elaborate sneakers or sky high heels. Since she designs shoes, the possibilities are endless.

32. She Refuses to Retire the Leopard Print

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Her style cannot be contained to one genre, designer, or color. Still, throughout the years, leopard is one of the few staples that has remained. She knows how to reincarnate this print to fit any scenario.

33. She Loves Fortune Cookies

Following Stefani on social media, always makes me crave Chinese food. She is always posting pictures of inspirational fortunes and inspiring her follows to be positive thinkers.

34. She Makes Mistakes Too

While Stefani is close to perfect, she is just like us and has some blunders here and there. Gwen Stefani mispronounced Stephen Colbert's name at the Emmy Awards this past year and there were endless jokes and gifs about it. Our girl took it all in stride though, of course.

35. She Is the Face of L'Oréal Paris

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With a face that doesn't age and flawless makeup every time we see her, it only makes sense for Stefani to endorse makeup. She has been the face of L'Oréal Paris since 2011. Now if we see a lipstick color we love, we can get the same one as Stefani and feel cooler than ever.

36. She Loves Animals

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In addition to caring for her kids, Stefani has a Pomeranian puppy of her own. She is often seen walking her dog with her children. She really is just like us — a more glamorous version of us, but still similar.

37. She's Very Involved with Her Designs

A lot of stars put their names on beauty and fashion lines, but Stefani actually contributes. She posts her sketches all the time on social media to show her fans how an idea moves from her mind to their closets.

38. She Loves Her Fans

Stefani is always taking pictures with her fans, reposting fan content, and affectionately referring to her fans as "muffins." It's hard to not love Gwen Stefani when she loves back so much.

39. She Did the Ice Bucket Challenge

Even with all the glitz and glamour, Stefani is not afraid to let it all go. Dressed to the nines, she did the Ice Bucket challenge and called out Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and her husband to participate and raise awareness about ALS.

40. She is Not Afraid to Make Fun of Herself

Stefani is an artist who is constantly taking chances with her music and her fashion. With that said, she does not always get it right and she is not afraid to admit it and make fun of herself sometimes.

41. She Has Fun in Her Music Videos

Stefani goes all out with her music video themes and outfits. Every video is mesmerizing and tells a story. For her first video as a solo artist, she showed us her take on Alice in Wonderland for the "What You Waiting For" music video.

42. She Crowd Surfs

Stefani throws herself into her performances, literally. Gwen Stefani loves to be as close to her fans as possible and isn't afraid to jump into the crowd.

43. She Is Not Afraid to Wear Eyebrow Jewels

Stefani has found an excuse to accessorize almost every part of her body. She even decked out her eyebrows with gems several times. Gotta give it to her for taking the risk. I'm happy she is past that era, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

44. She's Not Afraid to Be Herself

Stefani is not afraid to be herself. She makes her own rules and does what she wants. It's her life, don't you forget.

45. She Is Only Just Getting Started

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Even at 45, Gwen Stefani will never stop being Gwen Stefani. She keeps getting better and there are new projects on the horizon. I cannot wait to find out what Gwen Stefani will wear next and what her newest music is going to sound like.

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