31 Plus Size Fall Dresses Perfect For Twirling Your Way Through Piles Of Leaves

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Oh autumn. You with your pumpkin spice lattes, funky Halloween costumes and the return of Walking Dead. You're pretty much the best season ever, and we love everything about you. But do you know why else you're amazing, oh dear, sweet autumn? Without question, it's because of the perfect fall fashion you bring us — all of us. Including us plus-size women.

Do I sound a little bit in love? Yes; yes I do. Because the autumnal season is one of the best for fashion. Think burgundies and forest greens. Think long sleeves, thicker materials, furry coats, and statement tights. I adore the deep colors, the return of leather, the prominence of plaid. And I'm totally smitten with the manifestation of these things when it comes to plus-size dresses.

Unlike summer, autumn is a subtle month. Bold and quirky patterns are often replaced with solid colors and an abundance of black. But there's more to the season than that. You'll see. Just check out 31 of my favorite plus-size seasonal dresses, thus far.

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