The Feeling Nuts Challenge Is the New Ice Bucket Challenge, With Less Ice & More Junk-Grabbing — PHOTOS

Have you seen the hashtag #FeelingNuts lately? Yeah, I know what you're thinking in light of the Nick Jonas craze... It's a pretty suggestive hashtag, and actually, it means exactly what you think it means. It's a cheeky yet pertinent tool that's being used to raise awareness for testicular cancer. On the #FeelingNuts site,, there's pictures of featured "Crotch-Grabs" to, as they so expertly put it, "get everyone checking their love grenades." Love grenades. That is a phrase that will stick with me for the rest of my life, and rightly so. This latest charitable challenge is a bit more, how do I say...intimate, but just as important, and celebrities are starting to "Feel Nuts"

The challenge part is a whole lot like the Ice Bucket Challenge, as BuzzFeed points out. The Check One Two site calls it the "Crotch Grab Challenge," and explains how the whole thing goes saying, "Show you're #feelingnuts by grabbing your crotch and sharing a pic online — tag it #feelingnuts and challenge your friends to top it."

Celebs apparently saw this and took it to heart, nominating and providing photographic evidence of their challenge execution all over the place. Some even have videos, which, thank you for that. I think America can really get behind a cause that helps everyone. Here are some pics of the celebs who've participated:

Touche, Mr. Shatner.

My personal favorite.

Images: check_onetwo/Instagram