Lady Gaga Hosted a Reddit AMA But Ignored These 8 Fantastic Questions

On Friday, the Little Monsters of the Internet got a chance to ask Mother Monster all of their burning questions. Lady Gaga hosted an AMA on Reddit to promote Cheek to Cheek, her new album of jazz duets with Tony Bennett. To quickly summarize, some of her satisfying answers echoed vintage Gaga, a constantly-winking master of weird. Plenty of her less satisfying ones were essentially regurgitated sound bytes we've heard from previous interviews (like her past as a go-go dancer at a metal bar, her classical piano training, and her Italian-American heritage). That said, the exercise was still mildly educational.

First of all, I learned that Lady Gaga has a genus of ferns named after her. I learned that her favorite sandwich condiment is mayonnaise. If faced with the hypothetical scenario of fighting off either "1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses" armed only with a disco stick, I learned that she would take on the horse-sized duck. Also, for anyone who was wondering, she loves ramen. All good answers. All fun pieces of useless knowledge to keep in your back pocket for dinner parties.

However, there were plenty of poignant, fun, and conversation-starting questions that she didn't acknowledge. They ranged in subject matter from her support of Terry Richardson and R. Kelly, to her experience working with Kermit the Frog. Sure, it's pretty much humanly impossible for one person to answer all of their AMA questions, but still, some cheeky one-word answers would've been perfectly great. So, without further ado, here are the best questions from Gaga's AMA that sadly received total radio silence from The Monster Matriarch.

On what she wouldn't wear

There has to be something she's turned down... Iunno. Like a skirt-suit from J. Jill or something.

On the anthem of our times, "Anaconda"

I mean, just curious...


Really, this is a question to structure a college course around.

Her Decision to Continue Working With Terry Richardson, R. Kelly, & the Pulled "Do What U Want" Video

If you'll remember, Lady Gaga decided to pull the "Do What U Want" video in June, with respect to allegations of sexual assault placed against Terry Richardson, who directed and makes a cameo in the video. On top of that, the video follows R. Kelly as he uses an unconscious Gaga as a sexualized puppet. It's a big old steaming pile of bad idea. Gaga reportedly cancelled the video after TMZ leaked a pretty damning clip of it that caused an uproar, as well as allegedly finding out about the allegations against Richardson. Still Richardson and Kelly both have long, public histories of alleged sexual assault that it would be surprising for Gaga to be entirely ignorant of. The redditor who rose all of these questions received no answer from Gaga, but in my opinion, won the AMA.

The reflexivity of the Lady Gaga persona

It would be nice to know!

Working with Kermit The Frog

Heard he's a real diva, after all.

Taking tea with Julian Assange

I mean, did you guys talk about the weather or something?

RuPaul's Drag Race

Really, though...

One question nobody remembered to ask: How could she allow us to think that Fozzi Bear was her own dog, when he belonged to somebody else all along??

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