Kim Kardashian Didn't Forget North at a Hotel, But Yeah, It Totally Looks Like She Did — VIDEO

I know, I know — from the looks of this paparazzi video from Paris, it really looks like Kim Kardashian forgot her baby North West in a hotel (because she was too obsessed with how hardcore her powder-pink, hole-y ensemble was, of course). I mean, she leaves the hotel fully dressed, gets to the SUV, takes off her coat, stops, then turns right around and walks back into the hotel, only to emerge moments later with her sweet baby girl who looks so fed up with her mom's ridiculousness already.

But, look, as fun as it is to joke about that, she probably didn't forget her kid. (Though, I'm sure if it was a case of walking out the door without something important — keys or your baby alike — someone in her entourage would have been like, "hey, Kimmy, remember that one time you had a baby?") No, most likely, this was a case of Kim Kardashian actually wanting the paparazzi — who she of course knew were hanging outside of the hotel — to take two different sets of photos of her to ensure her pictures got in both magazines with a "no celebrity kids" policy, and magazines without one. It's not unheard of in Hollywood, and it's actually a pretty good business tactic to ensure your exposure is as far-reaching as possible.

Necolebitchie explains:

There was this television special on the paparazzi and their relationship to the stars a few years ago [...] Paris Hilton would arrive to the same store three different times in one day with three different outfits to get photoed, so that she could be in the tabloids. The outfit changes increased her chances of landing multiple stories, so as crazy as it may sound, Kim may have had every intention to walk out and get snapped without the baby, and then went back in to get the baby, for her second round of shots that included the child. It’s a very strategic business.

Just check out the photos — they're just different enough that separate stories could be made about each set, depending on what the angle was supposed to be:

The video makes it look a little different and comical, of course, because it's all spliced together:

StormShadowCrew on YouTube

Celebrities do things like this all the time to boost their image, so this shouldn't come as a surprise — especially considering Kim Kardashian, queen of the paparazzi photos, is involved. I think it sort of speaks to how good she is at working the celebrity game, globally.

Of course, though, Kardashian had her own version of the events, which she wasted no time tweeting about. Her version, somehow, seems the least likely of all:

Oh, Kim. No.

Image: Cosmopolitan/Twitter, StormShadowCrew/YouTube, Wordpress