Their Baby Photo Trick Didn't Work

Of course, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had to have a little fun revealing the first photo of their baby daughter, Wyatt Isabella Kutcher. Instead of having magazines bid for photos or posting a pic on Instagram, they tried to punk us all by releasing a batch of various baby photos (including one of a llama and one of a dog) and telling the public that one of them was, in fact, their baby. The couple tried to trick us all, but they had to have known that the mystery would get cracked right away. And, unsurprisingly, TMZ figured out Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' baby mystery.

The solution was found pretty quickly, and it is both impressive and disturbing that a mystery about a newborn can be figured out so rapidly. So how did TMZ uncover the truth? It was obviously able to rule out the llama and dog immediately, but TMZ brought out the fashion police and asked "what are you wearing?" when trying to figure out which baby is the newest Kutcher-Kunis. They determined who Wyatt was by identifying the only baby who had a swaddle and hat provided by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the hospital where Kunis gave birth on Tuesday.

In the pic below, TMZ believes Wyatt is the baby in the upper left corner.

If TMZ didn't crack the mystery, how else would we have found out who the baby was? Here are some other ways I think Kutcher would have eventually broken the news on his site:

  • Popping out from behind some bushes with a camera crew and yelling, "You've been punked!!" like Ashton Kutcher in his MTV days.
  • Kutcher could have tweeted a singular baby photo with the caption, "Dude, here's my baby."
  • Wyatt could wear a miniature trucker hat in her next photo with a caption saying something like "#tbt just like my dad in 2003."
  • Maybe Kutcher was going to wait until the next Nikon camera commercial to reveal the baby photo.

I'm glad we have this mystery figured out, but I still can't help wondering if Kutcher and Kunis had a master plan to officially reveal which baby was their own, or if they would let the mystery continue forever. By the way, who were all those other babies?!