'Big Brother's Zach Spills On His 'Bold and the Beautiful' Role & Tells Us When It Airs

It was a good day when Big Brother 's Zach spilled that he'd be on Bold and the Beautiful during the show's wrap party, even if he wasn't supposed to mention it. Zach was the entertainer of the season, constantly keeping things alive in the Big Brother house. Now that the season is done, it only seems right that Zach keeps entertaining his fans, right? Well, you don't have long to wait according to an interview with Zach for Bustle. "It airs October 30th and 31st," Zach says of his two Halloween episodes.

Donny, who was also given a guest role on Bold and the Beautiful , was keeping his role in the soap opera under wraps — Halloween joke — when I asked him about the spot, but Zach was ready to spill on the part he'd be playing. "I am playing myself, Zach Attack," he says of the upcoming role. "I will be wearing a pink hat and there's a lot of dancing." First of all, yes to the pink hat, it's a signature, he wouldn't be Zach Attack without it, and double yes to there being dancing, "a lot" of dancing. Zach's dance moves are really impressive, and the Bold and the Beautiful is lucky to capitalize on them.

Caleb, who posted a photo of himself and Zach at Bold and the Beautiful, will also be on the soap opera, although we don't know if all of the Big Brother cast will be on the same two episodes or not (it would make the most sense if they were in the same episodes).

Zach tells me that he wants to pursue a career on television now that he is out of the Big Brother house, so if everything works out for him, Bold and the Beautiful could just be the beginning of Zach's future on TV. Because he is a superstar.

Images: CBS; ZankieGrance, AllBBUpdates/Tumblr