6 Ways to Style Your Hair While You Grow it Out

by Julia Teen

A great haircut is one thing, but growing it out afterwards? An entirely different, often stressful game. Unless you've committed to short hair for life, chances are you'll be headed back to long lengths (until next season's bob cut has you reaching for the scissors again).

Life doesn't always follow our personal calendar of hair appointments, so sometimes you might find yourself headed to a job interview or formal affair when your cut is beginning to look shaggy, but it hasn't been quite long enough to schedule another appointment. Plus, what was once "fun and almost too short" maybe only lasted for a season, and you're going for a longer look that's going to require some continued patience. Instead of opting for hat day five times each week, we spoke with some stylists who know a thing or two about turning a problem into an opportunity — the following in-between hair styles, from braids to headbands to waves, are solid proof.

While you wait for your hair to grow, here's some handy styles to tide you over.

Braid it

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"When growing out a lob (long bob), your hair should be long enough to create some cute braiding styles, like a fishtail or a crown braid," says Eden by Eden Sassoon stylist Katie Bergen. Go sleek or textured for a chic effect.

Adorn it

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"If you're growing out either your pixie cut or bangs, a headband is a great option," says hairstylist Julianne Kaye. Cutler and Redken salon's lead stylist Rodney Cutler says when growing out a pixie cut, you want to take a lead from Michelle Williams, and let the top section of your hair grow first. "Avoid the mullet, let your hair up top grow some length first and then let your hair grow at the nape." This involves regular trims at the back of your hair, leaving the top to grow out.

Twist it

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There's always an awkward, in-between phase with an uber-short crop. So, if you're not a bows-and-headbands type of girl, aim for a '90s-esque style — play around with bobby pins and twists for a unique style.

Clip it

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Growing out an angular short look can get lopsided. Create a deep side part and affix hair with brightly-colored pins to add a pop of color.

Hide it

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A side shave does require patience — there's no way around it. Make like Natalie Dormer and braid the surrounding hair for a fun effect, and then work in some clip-in extensions afterwards to hide the growth. "Or there's always the halo," Kaye says. "It's a set of extensions attached to a wire, so just place it on your skull, and [using a comb], weave some of your own hair over the top to hide it. It literally takes a minute to put on."

Texturize it

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"When you have hair that's between the jawline and your collarbone, it's all about creating movement," says Cutler. "Add texture to the bottom third of your hair by naturally wrapping your hair around your fingers while blow drying. It's best when it is not contrived."