Teresa & Joe Giudice's Daughter Gia Thanks Family for Support & Shows Her Strength

Opinions vary on the fairness of the prison sentences Teresa and Joe Giudice received after they were both convicted of fraud and tax charges, but one thing everyone can probably agree on is that the most crucial part of the situation relates to the welfare of the couple's four young daughters. Thankfully this concern wasn't lost on the judge, who arranged the Giudices' prison terms in a way that ensures their children would have at least one parent present in the home throughout both of the Giudices' sentences — so, while the prospect of prison is still bleak, at least this is a silver lining. In light of that, luckily, it seems that the family is doing their best to stay positive — from Teresa's upcoming wine party, to these incredibly heartwarming tweets about family from Gia Giudice's Twitter.

After the couple were sentenced, the oldest Giudice daughter tweeted, "Family forever," and, in a second tweet, "Such an amazing support system it's unreal."

Although my adolescent days are far behind me, I haven't forgotten the overwhelming sense of vulnerability that comes with being a teen. And that's likely been heightened for Gia, considering she's experienced a less-than-typical upbringing in front of reality TV cameras . It's extremely sad to think about children being denied the presence of their parents — which only makes the Giudices' crimes all the more senseless and self-centered — but, hopefully, the Giudices will continue focusing on being positive for their children's sake if for nothing else.

While Gia is positive now, let's just hope that she can remain on the right track once her parents are away. The fact that she can acknowledge, appreciate, and receive support from her family shows that she's off to a good start.