This Cat Refuses To Walk, Is Our New Spirit Animal

In today’s Poignant And Spot On Videos About Life, Simon the cat does not feel like taking a walk. This is probably because Simon is not a dog, and because cats do what they want, and don’t give a shit about what you think about them. It appears that Simon’s owner has bravely undertaken a mission of trying to walk him, a task that Simon is clearly having none of it. Oh, Simon. You don’t know it, but you symbolize the bleak despair we all feel every single workday morning. Zombie-walking to the kitchen to brew some coffee. Sluggishly putting on pants. Poking our eyeballs while attempting to draw on eyeliner. Sound familiar?

Our new spirit animal protests this vile encouragement to exercise by going limp, showing no signs of weakness or remorse as he fully commits to his give-no-fucks attitude. Even his orange-haired buddy is a little taken aback by Simon’s unwillingness to be a team player. Side note: Yes, we were a little bit concerned that maybe Simon was getting choked out in this video, but we’re almost positive he’s in a non-choking harness. So go ahead. Laugh. Laugh and empathize because we all have been Simon at one point or another, haven’t we?

Sometimes I, too, am tempted to just give up on life and follow Simon’s lead. Some day, old sport, I will be just as brazen as you. Until then, I should probably go make some coffee.

Image: Getty