15 Sweater Weather-Inspired Home Goods To Keep You Feeling Cozy All Season Long

There’s nothing quite like waking up on an autumn morning and feeling a brisk chill settling in around you. It’s the perfect time to either snuggle back under your covers, pour yourself a hot drink, or load up on the bulky knits. Sweater weather is pretty much one of the best things about fall, so why not bring some of that knitted goodness to your home to celebrate?

Just the thought of fall makes me feel cozy, so I like to fully embrace the season by surrounding myself with all things autumnal, whether I accomplish that by stocking my closet with the prettiest warm sweaters, or by making sure my apartment always smells like cinnamon. But with a little thinking outside the box, you can truly bring sweater weather to your home by snagging yourself some cool knitted and crocheted goodies.

There are plenty of awesome fall decorating ideas out there, so don’t limit yourself to pumpkins and leaves. Textured yarns add a touch of warmth to any room without jacking up the heating bill. These sweater weather-inspired home goods will get your living space into the seasonal spirit, and will keep you feeling toasty warm through winter. Here are 15 of my favorites.

Image: Etsy

Knit Bunting

It doesn’t matter where you hang this up. Knit bunting brings a cozy touch to any room.

Knit bunting, $70,

Knitted Pillow Cover

A touch of yarn makes a drab couch all the more comfy.

Knitted pillow cover, $40.09,

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

Hiding under the blankets all day just got so much more tempting.

Chunky knit throw blanket, $225,

Crocheted Planter Cover

Your cacti and succulents are used to the heat, anyway.

Crocheted planter cover, $15.57,

Sweater Weather Pillow

Honestly, this pillow says it all.

Sweater Weather pillow, $34,

Crocheted Mug Cozy

Because something’s got to keep that homemade pumpkin spice latte warm.

Crocheted mug cozy, $16,

Sweater Weather Candle

Did you know sweater weather has its own, unique scent?

Sweater Weather candle, $12,

Knit Basket

Finally, a place to hide the remotes where they’ll actually look kind of charming.

Crocheted basket, $33.87,

Knitted Snail Tea Cozy

What’s better than a cozy creature to keep your tea nice and hot?

Knitted snail tea cozy, $27.85,

Knitted Flowers

Nothing gold can stay — but we guarantee these flowers won’t wilt on you.

Knitted flowers, $30,

Wool Knit Area Rug

Steer clear of cold floors with the help of a fun, woolly rug.

Wool knit area rug, $140,

Hand-Knit Floor Pouf

A knitted cushion makes autumn evening gatherings all the more intimate.

Hand-knit floor pouf, $85,

Crocheted Pet Bed

Whether you just need some extra storage, or you want to give your pet the perfect fall hideaway, this basket fits the bill.

Crocheted pet basket, $120,

Knitted Hearts

With so much warmth inside them, these hearts will surely never break.

Knitted hearts, $12,

Knitted Dishcloth

Doing the dishes has never felt this cozy.

Knitted dishcloth, $5,