Her Website Gives Clues About Her Pregnancy

Will Preserve get a subsection for mothers now? It sure seems like it. On Monday, Blake Lively announced her pregnancy on Preserve with a perfect, intimate photo at the end of a blog post about family, and subsequently posted the first product for moms on her lifestyle site. So, now that we're done wondering what Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's baby will look like (spoiler alert: it'll be adorable) we can start speculating about what kind of pregnancy Lively's having. Has it been glamorous like her Gucci perfume ads? Has it been doused in a healthy dose of hot chocolate with breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Preserve has all of the answers, of course.

Like Lively said in the blog post that accompanied the first photo of her pregnancy, Preserve has had something for everyone except for "the new," aka babies and the mothers who carry them. So, with this turning point in Lively's life, a turning point has come for Preserve as well — the site will now feature products for moms. And products, we can assume, that Lively will use herself during the remaining months of her pregnancy and beyond. From the photo, it's obvious that Lively's pretty far along, so is she going to be rocking some "birth beads" like Rachel Bilson? Absolutely.

The first product for moms on Preserve is Little Moon Essentials' "Mom's Survival Kit," a natural and aromatherapeutic collection of skin and beauty products that are designed to "elevate mood, soothe the body and calm the mind."

The collection, according to Preserve's "Meet the Artisan" section, was "inspired by the dream of a soothing remedy" and the intention is that every time you use the product to pamper yourself, you're making your body better and healthier. The kit includes relaxing bath salts, sugar scrub, and mist to soothe you, a belly butter, a sleep salve, and lip balm. All of the essentials for the meditative, natural mom-to-be. So, what does this say about Lively's pregnancy? Well, that she's gone totally hippie, of course.

I'm sure she's still munching on chocolate and craving trips to the Cheesecake Factory, but with this survival kit being the first product geared towards new mothers on Preserve, it's obvious that Lively's taken the all-natural route with her first pregnancy. So we should obviously be on the look out for what handcrafted and carefully curated "birth beads" look like when they hit Preserve in the next few months. Namaste, girl, and congratulations.

Image: Preserve