18 Book-Themed Decor Ideas Readers Will Love, Because Books Don't Just Belong On A Shelf

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Books are among my favorite companions. Over time, one’s books become a patchwork quilt of personal history, representing accumulated knowledge, quirky interests, sentimental hopes, moments in time. And they’re portable, waiting to be pulled out anytime we have a few minutes to pleasantly pass. What other friend can you say that about?

In the same way our books represent us, so, of course, does the way we choose to decorate our home. And given the place books have in my heart, it seems natural to gather them around me in my nest. Yes, there are bookshelves — my dream is to one day have a full wall of built-ins — but why stop there?

Here are 18 ways to incorporate your paper friends into your living space. Let’s take a look, book lovers.

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