Check Out This Weird New STD Prevention Device

If condoms and contraceptives aren't enough for you in the way of birth control and STD prevention, say hello to Scroguard, a swimsuit-sized piece of latex designed to reduce skin-to-skin contact around the pelvic area that's not covered by a condom during sex. According to the Scroguard website, this rubbery contraption is good for casual sex, long-term partners, "men with a high sex drive who enjoy sexual variety," and swingers. Apparently, more than 50 percent of Americans who get genital herpes or HPV do so via just skin-to-skin contact, and Scroguard guarantees that when combined with a condom, the magical duo will keep you safe from STDs — even if it's at the cost of bodily comfort and/or sexiness.

This isn't the first weird idea someone has had with regards to safe sex. Take VivaGel, a condom that can kill the HIV virus or, my personal favorite, the electric condom ,which helps provide men with additional sensations through electricity administered from the condom to the shaft, and actually sounds terrifying. All of these methods are aimed at making sex safer and, generally, better, although one wonders how someone who doesn't have a notable latex fetish could possibly enjoy covering his entire pelvic region body in what is essentially just a condom on steroids. But maybe this Scroguard infomercial will convince you.