Jessica Chastain & Mindy Kaling Are My New OTP

I am so full of delight right now. Did you know that Jessica Chastain and Mindy Kaling are friends? I did not, but now I do, and I am delighted. The fact that we all get to witness that friendship via their joyful Interview Magazine interview? Beautiful, beautiful gravy to the whole revelation. Every once in a while you need a new celebrity duo whom you desperately want to invite you to their dinner parties. Chastain and Kaling are now mine.

At one point in the interview — in which Kaling conducts the interview to help promote Chastains' new film The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby — Kaling remarks to Chastain that "I feel so starved for any authentic female friendship in movies that your moment, which is a wordless thing, is so charming and it made me love your guys' friendship." Kaling is referring to a scene between Chastain and her onscreen sister Jess Weixler, but it pretty perfectly sums up how I feel about their interactions in Interview. Here were my favorite bits.

The blatant mutual admiration

Kaling: Hey! Last night I had a real Jessica Chastain marathon. If someone came to my house, they would have thought I was a stalker because I did a little retrospective of your life like you were dead.Chastain: [laughs] Oh my God. I remember meeting you three or four years ago, and I kind of gushed all over you because I think you're so incredible and so smart ...Kaling: And funny and beautiful? [laughs] Chastain: Exactly!Kaling: Jessica, please, this is supposed to be about you, not you telling me how I'm a well-rounded renaissance woman.

I don't know about you, but sometimes my interactions with female friends is just a mutual admiration society, and it is beautiful. Turns out that remains true when you're super famous!

Kaling's Fantasies Of Hanging With Chastain

Kaling: Chris Messina, my co-star and good friend, and also your good friend, was in a play with you in Williamstown [Massachusetts]. And the idea of doing a play with you and then, after the play, being like, "Let's go get a grilled cheese ..." I was always jealous that he got to do that with you in Williamstown, which is, like, the most summer-campy, fun environment, so I'm totally into it. Except, if you commit to this hanging out and then you're like, "Oh, Christopher Nolan needs me on a junket in Peru," I would die.

I relate to this.

Chastain's desire to do comedy

Chastain: It's a strange thing. When I was in college [at Juilliard], I was cast in a lot of comedies. I played Smeraldina in The King Stag and had crazy hair and a unibrow. [Kaling laughs] I loved it. I loved the comedic aspects of Celia Foote in The Help. With any kind of acting, you're basically living the emotion that you're going to work in every day, so sometimes I'm like, "I am so tired of crying, how great would it be to experience joy and laughter every day?" I am actively looking for a comedic role in something. Maybe I need someone like you to write me something. Or I could be on The Mindy Project.

Please do more comedy, Jessica Chastain!

Kaling Imaging A Bridget Jones remake starring Chastain

Chastain: I'm all about it. Let's use my awkwardness to its advantage, put it on the forefront.Kaling: You, Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender ... That would be the best. I'm that Anglophile who thinks all English people have that cheeky, parlor sense of humor. [laughs]

Oh fuck yes.

For real though these two need to do a comedy together

Kaling: I'm really intimidated by my English friends, especially because most of them are in comedy, and I am often like, "Huh, what?" I don't have the dry sense of humor. I'm just this tacky American who's loudly saying, "Huh? Can you repeat that?" But quietly loving them. The Trip [2011] with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon is the new movie that I'm completely obsessed with. A female version would be such an enjoyable thing to watch.Chastain: Mindy, let's do it. [laughs]

I burn, I pine, I perish!

If someone doesn't make that movie fucking happen I'm gonna cry.

You can read the full interview, full of lots more tidbits, over at Interview. And you should, because it's great. And if you don't how will you know the details of Jessica Chastain's relationship to fear?