A Cocoa Butter Lotion Recipe, Plus More Ways To Add This Chocolate-y Stuff Into Your Beauty Routine This Winter

Depending on where you live, you may be seeing your first sign of snow BEFORE the leaves are changing. I've already retired my shorts for fleece-lined leggings and a hot cup of cocoa — which of course, has me wondering how I can start putting cocoa all over my body for the colder months. Cocoa butter has been in my life for decades because of good 'ole Palmer's, a brand dedicated to providing paraben-free cocoa butter for severely dry, cracked skin for an affordable price.

Personally, my summer lotion is already starting to lose its nourishing capabilities on my skin. Since my skin tends to be super oily in the summer my DIY moisturizer of choice is light enough to not clog those sweating pores of mine. After all, there's nothing worse than realizing you are overheating because of body butters on a humid day. Of course, seasons change, and with them skin and hair regimens also have to change. Before I find myself exposing any skin on October 31 in whatever last minute Halloween costume I've chosen, I will be dipping myself in a productive emollient that is sure to keep my skin soft and moisturized — of course, it's going to smell amazing too!

Cocoa butter is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that keep free-radicals from turning supple skin into wrinkled skin. Cocoa is famous for causing chocolate cravings, but its reputation for healing stretch marks is how cocoa butter first became introduced into skincare lines. Those natural fatty acids hydrate our bodies by penetrating deeper than the first layer of skin which means it can treat deep scars, stretch marks included. The benefits don't stop there: Many folks stand by cocoa butter to treat irritated and itchy skin.

Cocoa butter is made by extracting the seeds of a cocoa pod and fermenting them in banana leaves where they are dried and pressed before it becomes a fragrant butter. It's quite a process that I do not plan on attempting especially since raw, unrefined cocoa butter can be bought at most local drug store in a stick form for only two dollars. Just like most vegetable butters, a little bit goes a very long way for your skin's elasticity. Cocoa butter unsurprisingly makes for a great body toner decreasing the likelihood of saggy skin.

Packed with vitamins A, B, C, and E this is going to be the ultimate skin jam for anyone that dreads seeing their scaly skin past October. Treat yo'self to these recipes below.

Cocoa Body Scrub

Soon, the time will come where dry, bundled up skin will rule the street.. for at least a few months anyway. This body scrub will have you begging for warm weather because your skin will be feel touchable and smell irresistible. Here's how to achieve the ultimate body scrub without traveling to the Body Shop (though, for a quick fix, their stuff is pretty legit)!

Mix cocoa butter and apricot seed oil with equal parts of raw sugar. Next add an essential oil (my favorite for this recipe is sweet orange) and mix it all together in a sealable jar. Use it in the shower a few times a week and you'll notice seriously softer skin.

Extra-Hydrating Lotion

Because ashy is simply never an option for me, my choice lotion contains not one, but TWO butters! I use equal parts of shea and cocoa butter in a sauce pan and melt on low. I'm doing this to be able to mix the butters thoroughly with coconut oil and clove essential oil. Once I whip my new body butter together, the coconut and cocoa butter will return to its natural, solid state. This will be an ideal texture to lather up with before heading into the crisp fall air.

Leave-In Conditioner

Yes, yes y'all — cocoa butter can be used for your 'fro or curls anytime, anyplace, and anywhere! Cocoa butter acts as a barrier between toxins that strip moisture and our delicate strands which makes it an ideal ingredient for any leave-in conditioner. It's a natural hair sealant that you can apply on wet hair to lock in moisture for days and days. I add coconut oil, another great sealant, and clary sage for extra hold and hair nutrition. This leave-in can be made in three minutes on a stove top.

Bonus Tip! You can also use cocoa butter as is on your lips; the butter will melt chapped, cracked pouts into a sensational pucker.

Image: Giphy; Kristin Collins Jackson; Veganbaking.net, Nina Nelson/Flickr