Who Is "Thinking Out Loud" Really About?

by Kadeen Griffiths

Sorry, Edlor fans, but I'm about to ruin all of your wildest fantasies. You might have gotten excited Tuesday morning when Taylor Swift tweeted a link to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" video, knowing as you do that it is one of the greatest love songs off his album, x, and hoping to read some sort of romantic intent out of it. Sadly, despite the fact that both as a single and as a music video, "Thinking Out Loud" is the most romantic thing ever, it shouldn't be used as evidence that Sheeran and Swift were meant to be. Why? Shreeran's "Thinking Out Loud" is about his girlfriend back home and it's not Swift.

According to numerous reports, he is dating a girl who inspired the song, a "girl from home". Popular speculation is that the woman dating Sheeran is named Athina Andrelos, who has pictures of him on her Instagram and whose Twitter bio lined up with his description of his mysterious lady love. "She was the tour manager for a girl that was my opening act, and now she doesn't work in music anymore, she works for a chef," Sheeran told Seventeen in June 2014. He is never short of praise when the conversation turns to the girlfriend that he still refuses to actually name, but if "Thinking Out Loud" is really inspired by her then there might be an engagement in our future.

Sheeran pointed to "Thinking Out Loud" as a "walking down the aisle song" and the music video is all kinds of romantic. He spent hours upon hours rehearsing the routine, which was shot all at once from start to finish, and the video is a reflection of that. Who knew he could dance, let alone complete the twirls and dips and occasional lifts of his dance partner that he shows off in the video? And, just in case you didn't get the romance from the intimate dance, Sheeran and his partner make sure to lie down in the glow of two spotlights angled to form a heart. It's the music video equivalent of six John Hughes movies, is my point. It's the music video equivalent of eight Nicholas Sparks movies. It's the music video equivalent of getting down on one knees and proposing to me — or, uh, I mean, whoever is watching.

He and possibly-Andrelos are rumored to have been dating for around a year by now, but does "Thinking Out Loud" and its accompanying music video mean that Sheeran is thinking marriage? Not necessarily. After all, he said that it was inspired by her, not completely about her. Planning their wedding via song after only a few months of dating would probably have been jumping the gun and Sheeran has been planning and training for his music video since about when the single came out. At this point, the only thing we know for sure is that Sheeran has at least wooed all of his fans into falling in love with him all over again. And with Swift's endorsement, there's an entire world of her own fans that this video is probably melting into a puddle of love-goo as we speak.

Check out the video below.

Image: YouTube