15 Patterned Tights For Fall That Are Anything But Basic, Because Plain Black Nylons Are So Boring

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I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but I don't care: fall fashion is the best kind of fashion. When the weather's in flux, finding the perfect balance of layering is truly an art form... which is where fall style staples like scarves and boots come into the picture. Another necessity are tights, which allow you to keep wearing those summer skirts even as the weather starts to cool off. It's amazing what these thin pieces of fabric can do to keep you from freezing and the best part is that there are oodles of them on the market these days — many of which stray from the standard solid form.

I've rounded up 15 pairs of colorful, clever tights to suit any set of legs. From bright crochets to bedazzled and bandage varieties, these styles are sure to add flair to any outfit (no matter what the occasion) this fall. So while solid nylons are nice, it's not a bad idea to have an extra pair or two of "fashion tights," as they're often called. They do double duty by easily sprucing up a look and keep you cozy on frigid fall days. Win-win! Just remember that some of these styles require a bit of extra TLC, so to make them last longer you should wash them by hand or toss them into a mesh lingerie bag to wash on a delicate laundry cycle.

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