Party Like Putin with His Birthday T-Shirts

While Russia’s president for the past 15 years, Vladimir Putin, celebrates his 62 birthday today off in the wilderness of Siberia (of course), the adoring citizens of his proud country took to the malls to celebrate, waiting on endless lines to buy… A shirt with a picture of Putin on it (again, of course). I’m not sure why I’m surprised. In case you didn’t get it the first time, Putin is probably/maybe/most likely wrestling a bear or a Siberian tiger or whatever (I don’t actually know what lives in Russian wilderness) and Russian citizens are clambering to get shirts with the image of the politician petting a leopard on it. Yup, seems about right.

The shirts and sweatshirts that were designed by popular Russian youth clothing brand, Anyavanya, are expected to sell at least 3,000 shirts at Moscow’s main department store, GUM. With a variety of designs that’ll make any Putin fan swoon, some shirts feature a James Bond-esque Putin in black and white, sporting some shades. Others depict the Russian president looking all macho in his hockey gear. Lines for the shirts have been stretching on for up to two hours and even some Russian celebs are getting in on the action.

That's Olympic pole-vaulting champ, Elena Isinbayeva, rockin her Putin tee.

Since I know you don't want to wait in line (and also probably aren't in Russia), you can check out some more of the fabulous presidential designs below. Who knows - Putin could be the fashion world's next big thing.

Images: isinbaevayelena/Instagram, huffpostukpics/Twitter, vgassiy/Instagram, anuk_t/Instagram, daily_express/Twitter, avgustinka/Instagram