'TMP's Sal Perez x BaubleBar is AWESOME

Dr. Mindy Lahiri has long been the best-accessorized OBGYNs on television — personally, I can even credit her as the reason I bought my first statement necklace (not to mention the reason I want to re-pierce my ears after not wearing earrings for two years!). Well, as such, it would only make sense that the man behind all of the super-fabulous jewelry choices, The Mindy Project's costume designer, Salvador Perez's, BaubleBar collab would be the blingiest one yet (so move over Emma Roberts!).

The collection, which was first announced a few weeks ago, hit the e-shelves today, and Perez (who is also known for his work on both Pitch Perfect films) totally delivered. He cited "colorful Hollywood glamour" as one of the inspirations behind his designs, and it shows: the pieces are a veritable rainbow of glitziness. They're like the best case scenario of the grown-up version of playing dress-up with your mother's jewelry box... if your mom happened to be Marie Antoinette.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection — because what better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon than wishlisting at Mindy-approved baubles? From sparkling jeweled bibs to drop earrings that look decadent enough to eat, here's BaubleBar x Salvador Perez!

Cha Cha Drops

These Cha Cha Drops are so aptly named: They'd totally score perfect 10s all around on DWTS.

Cha Cha Drops, $32, BaubleBar

Rumba Gem Drops

If you're feeling a little more subdued than the above Cha Cha Drops, the Rumba Gem Drops are slightly less ostentatious (though for scale, they still measure around 2" in length).

Rumba Gem Drops, $32, BaubleBar

Blue Rumba Gem Collar

AHH! There's a matching necklace!!

Blue Rumba Gem Collar, $48, BaubleBar

Clear Rumba Gem Collar

Ooh, and it comes in two colors? There's something deliciously regal about the clear version — like it's something you might have seen Keira Knightley wear in a period drama somewhere.

Clear Rumba Gem Collar, $48, BaubleBar

Gem Trumpet Drops

I love the combination of opaque/clear going on here — plus, these look practically edible.

Gem Trumpet Drops, $32, BaubleBar

Crystal Sprite Bib

So. Many. Jewels.

Crystal Sprite Bib, $44, BaubleBar

Jewel Parasol Studs

These might just be my favorite of all . They're like the jewelry version of when you read those cheesy YA novels (which, for the record, I love) where the protag says something like "I got lost in the swimming pool-cerulean depths of his eyes."

Jewel Parasol Studs, $28, BaubleBar

Images: Jordin Althaus/FOX; BaubleBar (7)