How to Figure Out Your Relationship Status

There comes a point in every relationship where you just have to ask, what’s your relationship status? Ambiguity can be fun, but after a while, it just doesn’t cut it anymore. Good news, though: We’ve got just what the doctor ordered, and it’s probably going to give you a pretty good chuckle, to boot. What is this magical cure, exactly? A flowchart, of course. Everybody loves flowcharts, right?

Dreamed up by our pals at WeLoveDates and created by Shea Strauss, the genius behind that “Should You Catcall Her?” flowchart featured on Playboy in August, this one is geared towards defining exactly what… whatever this thing you have going on with that guy or gal is. It covers all the bases, from being totally single (independence plus Netflix equals win) to “friends with customer service benefits” and from casual hookups to married bliss — although if you actually are married, I’d hope you’re already aware of that fact. That’s not something anyone should go into without realizing it. First things first: Start at the top with the question, “Is there anyone special in your life?” Then work your way down.

Of course, the best way to figure out the precise status of your relationship is just to talk to the other person about it. Sure, having the “what are we?” talk can be scary — but communication is of the utmost importance for a healthy relationship, even if it doesn’t work out in the end. And hey, even if your partner waffles, that means something, too. The key to acing The Talk? Being honest. In this case, honesty really is the best policy. And remember: No matter what the outcome is, at least you’ve figured it out. That’s something to be proud of.

Check out the flowchart below, and head on over to WeLoveDates for more.

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Images: Dmitry Morozov/Flickr; Shea Strauss/WeLoveDates