Will David Do What Victoria Wants?

The hunter has become the hunted on Season 4 of ABC's Revenge . Emily Thorne may have won the vengeance battle last season by locking Victoria Grayson up in mental institution, but Victoria isn't going to let Emily win the war — and now, she's using Emily's own family against her. David Clarke is alive and well, and, apparently, very much in love with Victoria, despite her obvious, err, "flaws." David is willing to go to the ends of the earth to be with Victoria — and Victoria knows exactly what task she wants him to handle. Victoria told David they could be together, but only if he was to help take down Emily for good. David agreed, not realizing that Emily Thorne was really Amanda Clarke, the daughter who spent years avenging her father's wrongful imprisonment and, later, death.

David was a good man when he was thrown in prison, but in order to stay alive, he might have had to become a bad guy. We already saw signs that David wasn't the same person the Graysons framed: He murdered Conrad Grayson in cold blood, kidnapped Victoria, and promised to take down anyone who wronged her. David could very well attack Emily, not realizing that she's the daughter he so desperately wanted to reunite with. If David does hurt Emily, Emily will know that it's David — even if her own father doesn't recognize her. The effects of him harming his own daughter could be catastrophic on David — he loves Emily (or, rather, Amanda) so much. If he does something to physical harm his own daughter, he won't cope well. And the person that forced his hand might have to pay.

According to Revenge writer Aaron Harberts when he spoke at the ATX Television Festival, David will be the "point of intersection" for Victoria and Emily's lives. And while Harberts said "intersection," I'm thinking things might be more of a fiery collision. I always thought that Emily would be the one to finish off Victoria when the series wrapped up — either literally or figuratively — but maybe vengeance on the Graysons' isn't truly Emily's battle. Emily has been fighting for justice for her father since the beginning of the series, completely unaware that David was around to pick up the task himself. David might love Victoria now, but will he when he finds out that his "true love" tricked him into harming his own daughter?

My theory? David could kill Victoria — or at least try to. If he succeeds at harming Emily, or is about to before learning of her true identity, it would prove that Victoria is what we knew she was from the very first episode — totally evil. And David already has some experience murdering a member of the Grayson family — I doubt he would flinch at harming someone he knows wants to destroy the only family he has left.

Image: ABC; Giphy