'The Mindy Project' Got Really Uncomfortable

Agh, tonight was kind of a weird night in The Mindy Project world of Danny and Mindy. First of all, the network warned "viewer discretion is advised" so take that for what it is worth. Mindy and Danny seem to be going strong, even after some relationship issues in last week's episode. But all of that came to a sudden halt within the first minute of Tuesday's episode when we heard the phrase "I slipped," come from the bedroom during Mindy and Danny's sexy time, and it was pretty cringe worthy. Unfortunately, the episode continued to be just as uncomfortable, when Mindy realizes Danny didn't "slip".

When Mindy confronts Danny about the moment, he confesses that it is because his eyesight is going, and to him, "everything is just parts" down there. So to the optometrist they go! Unfortunately, Danny's eyes are doing just great, and he admits that he didn't just "slip". I'm going to stop using the word "slip" now. Danny says that he assumed Mindy had done it before. Whoa. Is Danny slut-shaming Mindy? Because it seems like he just slut-shamed her, which she calls him out on as she walks out of the room backwards so he doesn't get "any ideas".

Yikes. I don't love that. And it kind of gets worse, when Mindy starts asking if it was something she did wrong, giving off the impression that she would have already done that before. No Mindy, don't take the blame! Peter says her shorts with the word "pornstar" on the back aren't necessarily giving off any other impression, but Mindy lays down the law... she is boring in bed. That's when Peter offers to enlist Mindy in his "Peter Prentice's Banging In Bed Boot Camp," — a beautiful alliteration for a not so beautiful concept, but whatever, it's Peter, so he gets away with it.

After a disturbing and unrealistic look into what Peter thinks a "banging boot camp" should consist of, Mindy decides she is just going to do what Danny wants to do, when Peter says, "if that's what you want if you think it is empowering for feminist reasons." Finally, some sense is being talked about. But then Mindy says, "I'm going to do it, because Danny is an amazing boyfriend and I don't want to lose him," and I feel like we've slipped — GAH, sorry — back to where we started in the episode.

To prepare herself, Mindy asks Morgan to prescribe her something that will allow her to be awake, because she "can't legally be asleep," for it. *cringes*. So Mindy liquors up — has anyone else noticed how she always spits out her alcohol — and roofies herself to prepare for the night — which of course does not end up the way she planned — and lands in the hospital. It is here that Danny and Mindy decide to run things by each other from here on out, a concept I think we can all agree is the best policy in relationships. As Danny says, "America was built on trying things," but we should try things together. Say it with me, together.

Images: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX (2)