Girl Signs Song Lyrics For Deaf Best Friend At Concert, Hope In Humanity Is Briefly Restored – VIDEO

A best friend is someone you can turn to for anything: Someone you can trust with your most embarrassing secrets, someone you can call in the middle of the night, someone who has your back no matter what, someone who will help you select the most flattering pics when you're sexting. Keelin Lambert, who signed the entirety of a song for her friend Monica Frederick, who is deaf, is the very definition of what a best friend is.

It is a well-known fact that deaf people and people who have trouble hearing still experience and enjoy music, through vibration and other tactile sensations. But by signing the words, Lambert also helps her friend share the experience of the meaning behind the song, Garth Emery's "U", which was recently performed at the TomorrowWorld 2014 music festival in Chattahoochie, Georgia. The excitement on Frederick's face is enough to bring you to tears. I, being of full hearing capabilities, can't remember the last time I was that happy at a concert.

What's particularly mesmerizing about this video is the juxtaposition of the lyrics to the song and the way Lambert signs them. The song itself is about someone who gets into a car wreck, and how they are hovering between life and death and see the one person that they love and lost. But even with the heaviness of the material, Frederick tells a story with her hands and body that make the lyrics come to life even for viewers who don't understand sign language, and turns it into something fluid and mesmerizing to watch.

The bond between these two is beautiful to watch. Everyone deserves to have a friendship in their life as awesome as this one.

Image: YouTube