Miranda Kerr Modeled For 'Dolly' Magazine In 1997 And The Photos Are Proof That She's A Magical, Never-Aging Creature

Middle school is awkward for everyone. It’s basically the glory days of acne, braces, and no self-esteem — except, maybe, for supermodels. BuzzFeed recently discovered photos of Miranda Kerr from a 1997 Dolly Magazine shoot after she won their Model of the Year competition. Of course, like any 13-year-old girl, she talks about how much she loves her friends and is super excited to be trying out new things. But that might be the only thing she had in common with other teens.

Somehow, she looks EXACTLY the same. By some miracle, puberty decided to skip Kerr and hop right over to the next kid. Same big eyes. Same long brown hair. Same everything. Seriously, someone needs to investigate and figure out how this is humanly possible. Maybe she knew she looked good and wanted to stay that way forever, so she went in some sort of time machine that froze her in time. Who knows.

She also talks about how excited she is for her future modeling career. In the interview, she talks how she can’t wait to jet off to Sydney from her small town by herself for a photoshoot. Oh Miranda. If only you knew where you’d end up in 2014. And — of course — the article captures everything we loved about the '90s. In one picture, Kerr wears a cardigan that literally stretches all the way down to her ankles. Totally functional. The issue also includes “babe wallpaper” of someone named Leo — which I can only assume is our boy Leonardo DiCaprio.

Awkward years or not, Miranda Kerr has proven that she’s here to stay. Thanks, Dolly! You can head over to BuzzFeed to see the rest of the spread, in all of its '90s glory.

Images: Dolly Magazine via Buzzfeed (3), Getty Images