#INeedDiverseGames is a Perfect Response to Misogynistic Video Game Culture

The Internet is blowing up with the #INeedDiverseGames hashtag on Twitter in response to all the sexist BS that is being created and perpetuated by the video game industry lately (and always). This hashtag is especially important in the wake of #GamerGate, a movement full of misogyny and slut-shaming which gained traction in August, and #NotYourShield, a response by women and minority gamers who argued that even though they, too, were seeking for changes in the video game industry, they do not agree with the charges of misogyny or sexism.

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the idea of diversity in video games. Some argue that in order to diversify video games, the industry must diversify. Others believe that even diverse people within and aspects of the industry, creators must work harder to make video game characters reflect the people playing. Because according to a report published by the Entertainment Software Association the number of males and number of females gaming is pretty much even. African American and Hispanic people buy and play video games just as often as white people. But somehow video game characters are still largely white and male, not to mention heterosexual, cisgender, and able.

Check out what gamers are saying on Twitter with the #INeedDiverseGames hashtag because, chances are, they're right.

The gaming community is leaving out a lot of important players.