Get Lingerie Inspiration from Dr. Lahiri

Mindy's fashion game has aways been exemplary: I don't think anyone else on TV can quite match her ability to pair bright prints and layers with ostentatious statement pieces. That sounds like a backhanded compliment, but it's not: I mean, sure, you've got the ultra-sleek stylings of Olivia Pope, the late '60s, false-eyelash-fuelled glam of Megan Draper, the retro-inspired adorableness of Jessica Day — but no one's doing Mindy Lahiri like Mindy Lahiri. That said, I'm a huge fan of the show's costume designer, Salvador Perez (did you see his collaboration with BaubleBar? It launched Tuesday, and it is fabulous, darling).

Anyway, we've known for a while now that her respective fashion, beauty, and accessories games are super on-point, but now that things are heating up with Danny (in a major way), we're starting to find out that she has quite the lingerie collection as well. Though it makes sense — she does have the infamous, pink thong-sporting Diamond Dan to keep up with, after all! Yep, from the Season 3 premiere onward, she's been sporting some amazingly adorable/sexy looks, and as Mindy and Danny white water raft their way through their relationship, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more (that sounded less creepy in my head). I mean, check out this IG of all of Mindy's rainbow of bras:

And then, there was her adorable pink chemise from the premiere:

Ooh, and her bright orange longline bra:

And last, but not least, her silk robe/chemise set from that one time she tried to roofie herself (yeah, it was an awkward episode).

Uncomfortable as the situation may have been (on multiple levels), there's no denying that Mindy's got some crazy-good taste in lingerie.... So how to get the look?

Well, you can start off with Mindy's exact bra from "Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis" (they come in just about every color, and longline bras are just the right amount of retro):

Josie Bardot 3/4 Underwire Bra, $48, Josie by Natori

Lacy fuchsia's also always a good option when you're trying to emulate Mindy's style:

The Date Lightly Lined Bra, $36.95, PINK by Victoria's Secret

As for nighties, polka dots are among your best bets:

Josie Natori Polka Dots Chemise, $275, Josie Natori

Another tip? Dueling bright hues will also help you get the look!

Honeydew Intimates Lace Trim Chemise, $38, Nordstrom

Add an adorable silk robe, and you're good to go!

Josie Rimma Happi Coat, $68, Josie by Natori

Images: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX; mindykaling/Instagram; grelca, tmpgifs (2)/Tumblr