Bill Hader Talks Stefon Movie, But He Really Should Just Get Anything He Wants

Bill Hader wants to bring Stefon back (mentally insert a "It has everything:" joke in here wherever you see fit) .

The former Saturday Night Live revealed in an interview with Larry King that he'd like to see his character Stefon come back, and he's already talked about an idea for a movie with SNL writerJohn Mulaney.

We talked a little bit about an idea for a movie, and then we were kind of like, 'I don't think it'll work. We did have one funny scene that was making John and I laugh, which was Stefon coming out to his family. His parents are, like, blue-collar people from the Bronx.

So will Stefon really come back? "Possibly, yes. I think he possibly will," said Hader. But should he? Probably not. As great as it would be to see Stefon tell his parents he's getting married to Seth Meyers, the anticipation for the movie would be much better than they payoff. Movies about SNL characters don't exactly have a great track record — for every Superstar, there's at least two MacGrubers.

What really needs to come back to the screen is Hader. He's one of the hardest working comedic actors in the business right now, and his talent propped up SNL in its post-Kristen Wiig seasons. In fact, he was one of the SNL's most valuable players throughout his career on the show, playing both bit parts and big characters like Stefon with equal skill and ease. But aside from his work on SNL, he's only been relegated to bit parts in comedies like Superbad and The To-Do List.

Fortunately, Hader looks poised to make a comeback in a big way. Aside from the interview with Larry King, he recently did a podcast for The Nerdist and he snagged his final Emmy nomination for Saturday Night Live. So what are you waiting for, universe? Give Bill Hader everything, already!

Hader clearly has the talent of SNL superstars like Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, and Tina Fey, he just needs a starring role. Larry King mentions a Stefon sitcom, and while that would probably end up being really terrible and one-note, sitcoms in general have turned out pretty well for former SNL stars. So give the man a sitcom! And while you're at it, give the man a damn Emmy, already. God knows how many straight man game show hosts he's played on SNL, that in itself deserves some kind of award. At the very least, give him a puppy or something.

Yes, we'll probably have to give up Stefon. But we'll always have the memories (and Hulu. And that hickey we got from the human roomba at SPICY!). SNL characters don't work on film for a reason: they're over-the-top, unrelatable, and overstay their welcome after 10 minutes. Hader has to leave his SNL work behind to move on to bigger and better things. Who knows, there might be something in his future even funnier than Stefon — but we'll only find out once someone gives Hader the chance to be more than just "that one guy in that Judd Apatow movie."