6-Year-Old Hudson Kroenig Stars in Chanel Campaign Alongside Joan Smalls, Making Him the Coolest Kindergartner Ever

I was a pretty stylin' kindergartener, but I had nothing on this kid. Hudson Kroenig, 6-year-old star of the latest Chanel ad campaign, is friends with Karl Lagerfeld, for goodness sakes! Really doesn't get any cooler than that, no matter what age you are. One thing is certain — this little tot is bound to be the most popular boy on the playground this school year.

Kroenig is the son of Brad Koenig, "one of the leading male supermodels in the industry" and a close friend of Lagerfeld's. In fact, the legendary designer is Hudson's godfather. Naturally, the 6-year-old has a great relationship with Chanel. He's been featured in the design house's runway shows pretty much since he began walking, so modeling in campaigns for the brand is a natural next-step.

The ads, which are for Chanel's Middle East-inspired Cruise collection, feature little Kroenig alongside supermodel Joan Smalls. Honestly, the kid slays it. He's super adorable and has the high-fashion vacant stare down PAT. The juxtaposition between Smalls and Hudson is slightly weird — it does look like they just plopped him in the photos because he's cute — but everyone will be too busy swooning over his baby face to care. With Lagerfeld on his side, this kid is just set for life, now isn't he?

The Coveteur toured this mini model's enviable closet back when he was just three years old and his wardrobe was already incredible, complete with a classic white Chanel jacket, a Fendi logo top hat, and plenty of designer denim. I hate to say it, but I'm definitely jealous. Keep you eye on Hudson Kroenig because he's definitely going places.

Images: Chanel Cruise