Could They Get Caught Because Of Her?

Whatever you think you know about where How to get Away with Murder is going is always proved to be wrong within the final moments of each episode. This episode was no exception, as it seemed that the students might actually get away with murder — or at least covering up a murder — until HTGAWM' s Michaela, played by Aja Naomi King, realizes at some point during the cover up she lost her engagement ring. Are... you... KIDDING ME MICHAELA?! You could completely blow this entire cover up because of your ring. And also, you lose your engagement ring, so it's a double whammy really.

So what could this mean for Michaela, as well as her co-students that are working along side her to cover up Sam Keating's murder? Well, it is worse for Michaela than it is for anyone else. Michaela can say she was with Connor, Laurel, and Wes all she wants, but if law enforcement ever finds that engagement ring, she is the only one who is physically tied to the crime. It becomes her word against theirs — and you know Connor is just waiting to blame someone for this crime if it comes back to him.

And while this could be a false alarm — for all we know, the ring could be sitting on a soap dish next to her sink — it's probably only going to help Michaela and friends to find that engagement ring ASAP so they don't have to worry about that (of all things) ruining their chances at getting away with this. (It sounds like I am rooting for them to get away with murder — which I don't think I am? — but I might be rooting for them.)

Unfortunately, finding that engagement ring is not going to be easy, as they are in a forest, at night, covering up a murder, which is the worst time to lose your engagement ring, am I right? Totally.

Let's hope they find that ring and can continue to get away with murder, right?

Images: ABC; nithilams/Tumblr