Anna's Likely 'OUAT' Hiding Spot Will Annoy You

Was anyone else feeling kind of offended at the end of last Sunday's Once Upon A Time? I can't be the only one, right? At the end of Sunday night's "White Out," OUAT revealed that The Snow Queen has been in Storybrooke all along. And, somehow, no one in the town ever wanted ice cream, nor did fans ever notice that an ice cream store even existed. This isn't the first time OUAT has done that to fans, which leads me to believe that Frozen 's Anna is in Storybrooke on OUAT already too, and no one, including its residents, has noticed.

Do you understand my frustration with OUAT and its executive produceres Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz yet? With all of the shots of what seems to be Storybrooke's only strip of stores and restaurants, we were never clued into the fact that there's an ice cream shop. Why? Henry's never wanted ice cream? There are two possible explanations. 1) The ice cream store has been there all along for the past three seasons, or 2) it came over during the last curse, like Rumpel and Belle's honeymoon mansion. Either way, that introduction to Elizabeth Mitchell's character, The Snow Queen, opened up a whole door of speculation about where Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and even Prince Hans might be. And it's incredibly likely that they're all in Storybrooke as well.

How can I make such a bold statement? Well, the Snow Queen's introduction isn't the first time OUAT has whipped a new Storybrooke character out of thin air and revealed that she'd been there the whole time. Remember Snow White's maid, Johanna? All of a sudden, back in Season 2, she just appeared in Storybrooke without any prior indication that she'd been there the entire time — heck, Mary Margaret was even confused to see her. OUAT only brought her out of the woodwork so Cora could kill her, but even so, apparently the scope of Storybrooke expands a lot farther than its main street where all of OUAT's action seems to take place.

Now, I understand that it's possible that Anna was transported with the rest of Storybrooke's residents during the curse, but OUAT couldn't reveal her location until now. Mostly because Frozen just came out last year, so the series couldn't introduce a character that actually didn't exist yet. But they could've at least thrown us a bone in the Season 3 finale when they introduced Elsa. It would've been a dead giveaway, but it also would've made this situation with The Snow Queen's introduction and the rest of the Frozen characters' introductions a little easier for fans to swallow.

Either way, it's entirely possible, like I theorized after Sunday's episode, that Anna's working in the town deli. OUAT has never revealed that Storybrooke has a town deli, but if they did, that's absolutely where sandwich-loving Anna would work if she were there. She might even run it like The Snow Queen. IF (and that's a big "if") Anna's not hiding in plain sight within the town, it's also entirely possible that she's somewhere on the outskirts, living with Kristoff and Sven in a log cabin in the woods. Maybe together they run Wandering Oaken's Trading Post, because OUAT is definitely not shying away from making blatant Frozen references in each episode. Unless, however, they're all locked up in The Snow Queen's walk-in freezer at the ice cream parlor — but that's a little too sinister, even for OUAT.

Sure, having Anna already living in Storybrooke is a hell of a lot easier than delving into another portal situation, but it's also kind of annoying and a cheap way out for OUAT to pull the wool over our eyes again. At the very least they should finally explain how big Storybrooke actually is, and how it's possible for residents to live alongside each other and never once meet. If, in fact, Anna's actually been there this entire time.

Images: Katie Yu/ABC; ABC