Naomi Campbell Raising Ebola Research Money With A Charity Fashion Show

Obviously, we're all a little on edge about Ebola, and hoping for a cure ASAP. Everyone who can is doing their part to raise money: Legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell is hosting a charity fashion show to raise money for Ebola research. Because, like every global disaster, the fashion world thinks the best way to deal with it is to have models and celebs strut down a runway.

I’m not bashing benefit fashion shows, I swear! They’re actually quite an effective way of raising money and awareness. Remember the Fashion for Relief shows (which Campbell also had a hand in creating) that ended up raising a ton of money for disaster relief efforts in Haiti and Japan back in 2011? There’s just something a little bizarre about reading the headline "Fight Ebola with Fashion!" But unfortunately these days, the deadly disease needs equal parts public education (to quell widespread panic), awareness (of how it’s affecting places and people outside of the U.S., namely Africa), and funds for victims, relief efforts, and prevention. And this upcoming fashion benefit show might just deliver all of that.

The supermodel credits her passion for the fight against the disease to her home in Kenya, where she works with three orphanages, and hopes to help victims both there and all over the world with two celeb-filled shows in both New York and London during Fashion Week in February.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Campbell admitted that “people don’t have a clear idea about what Ebola is” and aims to further educate the public about the virus. If this is anything like Fashion for Relief, this will be a huge success. A very fashionably one, of course.

Images: Getty Images