These Are Olivia's Style Secrets?

Olivia Palermo has catapulted herself into a front-row favorite at fashion week. She's also launched her own style website, had a secret wedding, and recently collaborated with Acquzzura on her first shoe collection. And now she's the cover-girl for Net-a-Porter's The Edit, proving that she's one of the fashion elite. It's safe to say her The City days are (thankfully) behind her.

The newlywed effortlessly channeled the '60s for the throwback editorial in pastel leather skirt suits, cocoon coats, and with her always impeccable hair in a high bun, making me wonder if she was born in the right decade. Palermo also talked about her shoe line, which is for sale at Net-a-Porter, but when it came time to discussing designing her own fashion line, she had to put the brakes on. "I would love to start my own [fashion] house, but it's not the right time," she told The Edit. "I feel like I can do it in stages, and when the timing is right to do it, then I will." It looks like at some point in the hopefully near future, we'll have an Olivia Palermo line to look forward to.

But to hold you over until then, Ms. Palermo was at least willing to reveal a few of her best kept secrets to her flawless style.

  1. “If you want to roll your sleeves up and they won’t stay, push them up with very thin hair elastics.”
  2. “There is always a place for a big belt, but sometimes when you’re layering pieces you need to hide the belt and a skinny one does just that.”
  3. “Take a razor blade to a sweater if it’s bobbling – it takes the balls off.”
  4. “Double-sided tape is one of my favorites.”

...Okay. I love Olivia's style as much as the next girl, but is that really the best she can do? I want to know her inspiration, how her hair is always perfectly coiffed, the secret to bringing an edge to her lady-like ensembles, or how her legs always look so perfect in skinny jeans. I just hope we have more to look forward to from her future fashion house than skinny belts and bobbled sweaters.

Images: Net-a-Porter