Is This The Next Frontier For Online Dating?

Ever find yourself on a Tinder date wondering how the person in front of you came up with their drastically misleading profile? Well, you’re not the only one… after finding himself on two disastrous Internet-dating meet-ups, 40-year-old divorced businessman Daniel Freeman came up with Tickr, a video-only dating site and app he hopes will lead to more honest dating.

His reasoning? Freeman figured it's harder to hide the real you in a video. After all, it's not difficult to embellish your personality, lie about your interests, or doctor your photos when filling out a profile on a dating website or app. Freeman reasoned that it would be more challenging for love-seekers to portray themselves in an untruthful way through videos, and he might be on to something… imagine how silly you would look holding that skinny arm for more than five seconds. Videos are also a more intimate way of presenting yourself to potential suitors, as your expressions, laugh, voice, and charisma usually don't come through in a photograph.

Freeman also has another reason for using video, telling The Standard, “Psychologists say you know whether you are attracted to someone within seven seconds. A video is enough for you to know if you are attracted to [someone]. It’s the next best thing to meeting in person.”

On Tickr, users can upload three, 30-second videos and fill out basic information, such as name, age, and height, as well as their list of “ticks” and “icks,” or what they like and dislike. And you still have plenty of time to plan exactly what it is you're going to say in your video profile — Tickr is currently only available in London, and is still in its beta stages.

In the meantime, here are some do’s and don’ts to help you plan your videos:

1. DON’T just describe your interests to the camera

2. DO show yourself doing something interesting you are passionate about

For example, if you are into collecting miniature tea cups and surfing, maybe just post a video of you surfing.

3. DON’T use “throwback” videos… no one is trying to date 10-year-old you

4. DO remember to smile

5. DON’T upload your ALS ice bucket challenge video

No one needs to see that one again.

6. DO be your quirky, awesome self — it's the best way to attract a quirky, awesome match

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