9 Halloween Candy Recipes You Can Make at Home Because Hershey’s Got Nothing on You

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Remember the best part about trick or treating? If you ask me, it wasn’t the costumes or pumpkins or even the copious amounts of Halloween candy you scavenged from your neighbors. Instead, it was the moment after, when you dumped your candy on the floor and counted every last piece, relishing the spoils of battle. It was your first, unforgettable taste of victory.

This Halloween, let’s work for our candy again. After all, reaching into a jumbo bag of treats from the store is easy — but we both know that sweets taste best when you’ve earned them. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the most magical confections you can make at home, from DIY Snickers to the ultimate candy corn. Read on, and then get ready for one massive sugar high. I mean, you could give away all your homemade, small-batch confections to the little squirts who ring your doorbell — but who are we kidding? Here’s to your sweetest Halloween yet.

Image: A Pastry Affair

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