Louis C.K. Goes On A Twitter Rant About ISIS, Is Very Louis C.K. About It

The internet's favorite funny/angry/balding ginger man, Louis C.K., has this bit about "favorite things" and what they mean to people. Essentially, he says that people will inconvenience others in order to do what they want. "People won't even do their second favorite thing," he says. "You ever see somebody at an intersection, and they want to make a left, but they're all the way in the right lane...and there's a lot of cars, but they want to make that left. So what does he do? He just does it anyway...he just shoves his car through everybody's life." I was reminded of this bit when I saw his Twitter rant about ISIS, who recently has been shoving itself into everybody's nightmares.

This kind of rant is pretty normal for the comedian; recently, Louis went on a long tweeting session about outer space, assuring us he wasn't high. Now he's taking on ISIS, and he's doing it in classic Louis C.K. fashion — with lots of cursing and matter-of-factness.

I'm a big fan of Louis C.K., because I feel he says what we're all thinking, but in a funny way. ("Duh," said everyone ever.) And not in a Jerry Seinfeld, "what's the deal with airline food?" way — but in a more real sense, dark thoughts and all.

Here's how he kicked things off:

I mean, classic Louis — "fuck each other in the mouth with forks." Bless this man. He's just getting warmed up.

That's another thing I love about Louis: He's an actual disgruntled dad, and is always bringing up his age. It's kind of his perpetual angle. That, and how no one wants to fuck him, and how we're all hurtling towards death.

Uh, okay, he's staring to lose me a little here.


Ohhh, got it. A fourth hole. Now it all makes sense.

I gotta say, reading a Twitter rant this rich makes me want to go on one of my own. There's something so liberating about telling a group of deserving people to fuck off. But I'm going to leave the ranting to him since he's basically an outrage artist.

Images: Getty Images; Louis C.K./Twitter