These Coats Make Wearing a Blanket On-Trend

If there's one trend worth getting behind this season, it's blanket coats. Hands down. I mean ... the name speaks for itself. Can you think of anything better than wrapping yourself in what's essentially a blanket and being able to call it "on-trend?" In a world where steep heels and stomach-baring crop tops are the norm, it's nice to know that fashion can still be kind.

Perhaps the most coveted of blanket coats is the one seen on Cara Delevingne on the fall 2014 Burberry Prorsum runway. The coveted wool and cashmere blend poncho, made in Scotland, was inspired by equestrian culture and features a blank beige patch for stamping one's initials in bold block letters. Stars including Olivia Palermo and Sara Jessica Parker have been seen sporting the style, but owning one will cost $1,395. (And that's before stamping on your signature.) Sigh.

Fortunately for the rest of us common folk, there are many more beautiful blanket coats on the market. Like most outerwear pieces, they're not cheap — but they will keep you warm, snuggly, and fashionably cozy. Here are seven of my favorites.

1. Black and White Blanket Coat

Pattern Blanket Coat, $140, TopShop

I love the waterfall effect of this knit geometric style. The whole fun of blanket coats is that they're oversized, so wearing something more fitted underneath (as pictured here) is the most flattering option.

2. Plaid Blanket Coat

Ecote Asymmetrical Blanket Coat, $229, Urban Outfitters

There's nothing my large head loves more than an oversized hood. Plus, this jacket is sherpa-lined, which means it's comfortable enough to sleep in.

3. Dogtooth Blanket Coat

Dogtooth Blanket Coat, $95, Jigsaw-London

This coat's oversized sleeves are nice and roomy, as if you actually wrapped a blanket around yourself. Wear it for a quick trip to the market or for a day spent snuggling up on the couch. If you plan to spend any more time outside, then opt for a thicker coat with full sleeves that'll keep you warmer.

4. Two-Toned Wool Blanket Coat

Faux Leather Belted Coat With Piping, $199, Zara

This two-toned wool blanket coat, which comes with a detachable faux-leather belt, offers a bit more structure than the coats above. But don't worry — it'll keep you just as warm!

5. Stadium Cloth Blanket Coat

Stadium-Cloth Hooded Zip Coat In Colorblock, $398, JCrew

J.Crew's blanket coat is crafted from its exclusive stadium cloth, which was inspired by vintage stadium blankets. Perfect for game day and days when you want to channel that athletic chic aesthetic.

6. Shawled Blanket Coat

Shawled Plaid Coat, $348, Anthropologie

This blanket coat is full of fall colors and looks just like a bathrobe. Can't beat that combo!

7. Poncho Blanket Coat

Krystal Pullover Poncho, $48, Free People

Free People's fringed pullover poncho is essentially a blanket with a hole for your head. It definitely doesn't get more blanket-y than that.