Of Course She Looks Great Without Makeup

Our culture is definitely a little bit obsessed with celebs showing off their makeup-free faces and, while that isn't necessarily a good thing, it makes sense. We want to know that a celebrity's "perfection" is achieved mostly through product and that underneath it all they're just like us. Most makeup-free photos we see are pre-planned #WokeUpLikeThis Instagrams, but Iggy Azalea was recently photgraphed without makeup while leaving the airport. Spoiler alert: She's still fancy as hell without lipstick.

The fresh-faced look is a refreshing change for the rapper, who usually goes all out with the glam for public appearances. She paired her naturally beautiful face with a wide-brimmed hat, oversize sweater, and gold nameplate necklace that reads "Young Azalea," proving that she's clearly mastered cozy travel style.

Unfortunately, not everyone was supportive of Iggy's decision to step out looking like a normal (and beautiful) human. Snoop Dogg posted a really cruel meme on Instagram mocking the way the "Fancy" singer looks without makeup, which is just beyond not cool. Women, especially famous women, are under so much pressure to be physically perfect and are judged for their appearance far more than men are. By making fun of Iggy for daring to step out makeup-free, Snoop Dogg is setting our progress back decades. Come on, dude.

Women should not feel obligated to wear makeup, period. Iggy Azalea's bare-faced picture proves that she's beautiful no matter what. In fact, we all are.