Adolf Hitler, Crystal Meth Addict? The Documentary 'Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit' Lays Bare The Truth

A new British documentary is shedding some interesting light on the most reviled man in history. According to Channel 4's Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit, Adolf Hitler was heavily dependent on drugs, including a form of crystal meth. The documentary presents the findings from a 47-page dossier, compiled by U.S. military intelligence, which details the dozens of drugs the Nazi dictator relied on and the physician who provided them. It's a twist in history that makes Breaking Bad look tame.

Last May, it was revealed that the drug known as crystal meth today can be traced back to Nazi Germany. According to letters written by Heinrich Böll, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, Nazi soldiers used to commonly take a drug called Pervitin during WWII. Touted as an "alertness aid," Pervitin helped soldiers stay awake during battle and lifted them out of war-induced depression temporarily. Turns out the drug was an early iteration of crystal meth.

Now the dossier is revealing that Pervitin is just one out of 74 drugs that Hitler allegedly relied on, bolstering the belief that he was a notorious hypochondriac. Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit revolves around the Fuhrer's physician Theodor Morell, who logged his drug use in never-before-seen medical diaries. If you're in the U.K., you can catch the documentary this Sunday, October 19 at 8 p.m. on Channel 4.

A Whole Medicine Cabinet's Worth of Drugs

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Besides crystal meth, the dossier reveals that Hitler was administered the morphine-based sedative Eukodal, barbiturate tranquilizers like Brom-Nervacit, Mutaflor for stomach cramps, and even bull's semen in an effort to boost his testosterone. The documentary also suggests that Hitler was in an advanced stage of a degenerative disease by 1945, possibly Parkinson's disease.

High During Meetings

The dossier also states that the dictator had been high on Pervitin — aka early form of crystal meth — during a 1943 meeting with Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, in which he ranted incessantly for two hours. Known for his high-energy speeches, the documentary hints at the possibility that his impassioned speeches were fueled by drug-induced highs.

The dossier also reports that Hitler injected himself with a meth-containing drug called Vitamultin during his last days in his bunker.

He Had a Full Set

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One of the most bizarre theories about Hitler is that he became a monorchid, a person with only one testicle, after being injured in the Battle of the Somme. The story caught on and became so popular that British critics of Hitler and Nazi Germany wrote a song during WWII called "Hitler Has Only Got One Ball," which clearly mocked the dictator. However, information in the dossier dispels that myth.

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