Food Court Lunch Becomes a Hollywood Blockbuster

Confession: Sometimes I like to narrate my life in an epic movie trailer voice inside my own head. I will readily admit that it’s kind of a weird habit — although apparently it’s not that weird, because narrating mundane activities as if they’re Hollywood blockbusters is the premise of what might just be my new favorite YouTube stunt. Kevin Brueck of Break teamed up with YouTubers Alex Mandel and Jon Bailey to make a whole bunch of food court lunches way more exciting by turning them into movie trailers. I’m not really sure I would call it a prank, per se — in the words of Inigo Montoya, you keep on using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means — but it is hilarious, and even better, it’s also not dependent on sexual harassment. Everybody wins!

Not only does the stunt utilize Bailey’s innate vocal talents — after all, he is the voice of Honest Trailers — but even better, Brueck and Mandel outfitted him with speakers and an iPad loaded with sound effects, film scores — the works. Then they had Bailey approach randos eating lunch at the Universal Studios City Walk food court and describe their lunch to them as epically as possible. Here are a few of my favorite lunchtime blockbusters:


Three people dressed far too nicely for a food court (maybe they’re Universal employees?) become the ultimate love triangle in Friendzone! Rated PG-13, opening this Friday.

Job Time

These guys aren’t lunching; they’re filling out job applications. But hey, if they’ve got Community’s Dan Harmon behind them, at least it’s going to be hilarious, right?

The Countdown

This one is probably my favorite — Brueck and Mandel told Bailey just to go up to this “lone wolf” (and yes, they actually called him that) and start counting down from 30.

Guys on Cell Phones: Part 2 – The Phone Call

Two guys. Two cell phones. One chance for survival. Starring Robert DeNiro and Jack Nicholson.

Two Girls and an Escalator

One escalator. Two women. One dude who won’t stop playing the Inception noise from an iPad behind them. Longest. Escalator ride. Ever.

In a world where YouTube “pranks” are often just sexual harassment packaged up as something for people to laugh at, this one comes as a refreshing change. First off, it’s actually funny; and second, it doesn’t involve groping, kissing, or touching people without permission, or asking them weird and inappropriate questions. Watch the whole thing below. Happy lunching!

Images: m01229/Flickr; Break/YouTube (5)