More ModCloth Items Dr. Lahiri Needs to Wear

Okay, ModCloth and The Mindy Project are officially two of my favorite things in the universe — and now they're combining forces? Huzzah! Well, perhaps "combining forces" is too strong a term — there's no collaboration in the cards (yet)... Though I think something along those lines should be TMP costume designer Salvador Perez' next project, now that his fab BaubleBar collection has been unveiled.

Anyway, Mindy wore an absolutely adorable sweater from the e-commerce site in Tuesday night's episode, "The Devil Wears Land's End," and it got me thinking: What else would Dr. Lahiri put in her virtual shopping basket? I don't think I need to tell you again that she's one of the best dressed ladies on TV (right down to the lingerie, in fact): Be it a buttercup yellow trench coat, an eye-searingly turquoise cardigan, or tailored-to-perfection tweed separates, she rocks the heck out of it. Every Tuesday night she serves some major OBGYN glam (with a side of Messina, of course). So what should she wear? Read on to see!

Awesome Like It Hot Dress

Bright colors, florals, and a funky sheer panel? Win-win-win!

Awesome Like It Hot, $189.99, ModCloth

Feeling Debut-tiful Cardigan

I don't think it gets more Mindy than an honest-to-god, jewel-encrusted cardigan.

Feeling Debut-tiful Cardigan, $59.99, ModCloth

Strive to Thrive Top in Fuchsia

Pussy bows are way in right now (and is fuchsia ever out?).

Strive to Thrive Top in Fuchsia, $34.99, ModCloth

Damask Masquerade Dress

The only thing that would make this more Mindy would be if it were metallic.

Damask Masquerade Dress, $89.99, ModCloth

Charming Coterie Sweater

I'm learning French now, so I know that that says "The women." I'm so sophisticated, aren't I?? Kitschy French-emblazoned sweaters are always tres chic (sorry, I couldn't help myself), and this looks totally perfect for movie night in with Danny.

Charming Coterie Sweater, $44.99, ModCloth

Perenially Prismatic Necklace

It wouldn't be a Mindy outfit without some bling.

Perennially Prismatic Necklace, $29.99, ModCloth

Chemistry Cadre Dress

Our main girl loves her plaid (and her bodycon dresses).

Chemistry Cadre Dress, $54.99, ModCloth

Skyline Selfie Top

Turquoise with giant silver polka dots — now, that's the pizazz we know and love!

Skyline Selfie Top by Nicolette Mason, $49.99, ModCloth

Images: Courtesy ModCloth