He's Definitely Not a Good Guy. Right?

Whoa! It seems that two bumbling scientists aren't the only thing that The CW's new series The Flash is taking from the Marvel Cinematic Universe's book. Each episode so far has ended with a tag scene that introduces a new twist. This week's twist was almost literal, the twist of a knife in Simon Stagg's chest as he was killed by Harrison Wells — a certified creep. We already knew that Stagg wasn't the greatest character. At the end of the episode, he revealed his plan to find "The Man in the Red Mask" and harness his power for evil. To change what it means to be a human. Besides sounding like one of my old acting teachers, that was definitely a threat. While I am relieved that he is now gone, I'm more creeped out by his murderer than I ever was before. Why did Wells do that? Was he really protecting Barry? I'm pretty sure he arrived at Stagg Industries with the express intent to kill. Here are a few possible explanations.

Wells Is a variation on Reverse-Flash

That's the obvious answer. He's either Professor Zoom as has been previously speculated, or another unknown villainous character. We know Wells can see into the future. We know he's particularly protective of Barry Allen. Maybe he's like the Dexter of super villains. He only kills the other bad guys.

He's Barry Allen from the future

Is that so impossible? Bustle writer Rachel Paige doesn't think so, and neither do I. We know time travel will play a factor in this story. We know Harrison Wells already has advanced information as to the details of Barry's life. While it would devastate me to think that a cutie like Grant Gustin grows up to be such a cold-blooded killer, it kind of fits. Jack Cavanagh looks enough like him. They have a few of the same gestures. His eyes seemed to delight in correcting Stagg's description of the vigilante. I wouldn't discount this theory, as upsetting as it may be.

He caused the storm

A boring answer as to why Wells killed Stagg is the trying to silence anyone who could rat you out. Wells has already lost a lot of prestige. If the details of his failure with the particle accelerator got out, he could be in a lot more trouble. Maybe he sensed that Stagg was up to no good, or read it on his future news app. He's very calculated, that one.

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