What's Twisty Hiding Under That Mask?

Ryan Murphy warned us that Twisty the Killer Clown would be one of the scariest clowns we've ever seen — and boy, was he serious. But just in case the brutal stabbings, child abduction, and overall terrifying appearance wasn't enough to keep you shivering under the covers at night, AHS: Freak Show's "Massacres and Matinees" episode revealed what's under Twisty the clown's mask. And, as you can probably imagine, it's not exactly pretty.

In fact, it's downright disgusting, but I have to admit that I was envisioning it to be much, much worse. I've already had at least a dozen nightmares about cockroaches crawling around under there or Twisty having a snake for a tongue — something I thought was hinted at back in the AHS teasers. I was even ready for his mouth to be sewn completely shut, which would help explain his continued muteness. Yet none of these theories turned out to be correct. And, to be honest, I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed. (Just kidding. I'm definitely relieved.)

That's not to say that the image wasn't still highly disturbing though. I mean, when a huge chunk of someone's mouth is missing, it's guaranteed to be less than aesthetically pleasing. Actually, it makes the Joker's slashed mouth seem like child's play. But again, there was nothing supernatural or inhuman about it, which is totally the route I thought Murphy would go for.

Then there's the fact that Twisty's entire mouth area is covered in gross oozy goo. (And yes, that is my technical description for it.) Seriously though, what is going on there? Is that drool? Is it dark blood? There doesn't appear to be any notable scarring, which perhaps indicates that this injury is relatively new. It may even be the reason why he's decided to go on such a major killing rampage in the first place, while also collecting children in a school bus — a backstory Murphy promises we'll learn more about in Episode 4.

Either way, I'm amazed that his mouth hasn't become infected from wearing that mask like one big giant bandaid. Or maybe it is infected and that's why it looks the way it does? I don't know, it's really hard to diagnose after such a short glimpse. (Though the fact that I'm not an actual doctor probably doesn't help things either.)

And don't even get me started on Twisty's teeth — or rather the few teeth he actually has left. He's basically the live version of a walking jack-o-lantern, who also happens to viciously murder people. (I bet you'd hate to find this guy sitting on your front porch.) And as far as dental hygiene goes, he could definitely use some work. Dude clearly does not know the first thing about brushing properly. (Remember, kids: it's up and down, not side-to-side.)

So if this, in any way, was Murphy's subtle lesson on the importance of tooth brushing, let me just be the first to say "message received."

Images: mattreviewsfilms/Wordpress; poisonoustongue/Blogspot; Giphy