On 'Parenthood,' How Has Each Braverman Changed Over the Show's 6 Seasons?

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For a show that only has a handful of episodes left before its series finale, Parenthood is doing a great job of distracting viewers from that very fact. With all the commotion surrounding Zeek's possible death (or maybe Crosby's?), Amber's pregnancy, and Kristina's mess of a high school, it's been easy to forget that after this fall, the Bravermans will be *sniff* gone from our lives for good.

Unfortunately, we can't ignore it forever. As the season winds down, more and more signs will point towards the show's impending finale; plots will get wrapped, cliffhangers will get solved, and characters will finish, or at least get closure on, the development and changes they've gone through over the course of the show's six seasons. Because while some things about Parenthood have stayed the same over the show's run (fast dialogue, family dinners), when it comes to the Bravermans' growth, the people we met in season one are nothing like the family we know today — well, at least most of them. Here's a look at how each Braverman has grown over the seasons, from least changed to most.

Image: NBC

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