This 'HSM' Guy Is Engaged!

High School Musical alum Corbin Bleu popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Sasha Clements on Wednesday night. The Disney actors were the happiest couple on Earth at the happiest place on Earth with a Disney World proposal that could not have been more quintessentially Disney. Bleu timed everything perfectly. He proposed to Clements in front of Cinderella's Castle just before the Disney park's fireworks show started. He even went so far as to place the engagement ring in a glass slipper. I do not even think that Cinderella's own engagement was on point to this extent.

The only thing non-Disney about Bleu and Clements' relationship is the way they met. I assumed they met at some sort of Disney Channel promotional event or even in line for a roller coaster at Disney Land, but the couple reportedly met at a Canadian grocery store in 2011. Nonetheless, that is very cute and down-to-earth. Bleu clearly thinks the world of Clements to go to such extremes with this proposal, and his interest in her makes me interested in her and want to know more. Who is Sasha Clements? What do we know about her?

I hate feeling out of the loop in regard to celebrities and my friends in real life, so I decided to act how normally do when I find out someone is dating a girl I don't know: creep social media and form opinions based on her photo filters and the cleverness of her captions. I investigated Clements on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Wikipedia, and even IMDb. Creep hard or go home. So what did I learn about her?

She's From Canada

Clements is 24 years old and from Toronto, Canada. She has acclimated very well to the US, though, celebrating her first American Thanksgiving last year.

She Acts

Clements played her first credited role in a 2005 TV movie called The Snow Queen. She had a major career bump when she starred in the Canadian tween series Majority Rules! in 2009 when she was only 19. This was a huge deal because it was the first live-action series on Teletoon, a channel with all animated shows. The actress made her Disney debut this summer in the movie How to Build a Better Boy, clearly something she does not need to do in real life since her fiancé is adorable.

She's a Foodie

This girl has posed plenty of photos with her cooking up a storm, eating snacks, going out to eat, or shopping for healthy foods.

She's a Supportive Girlfriend

Clements is not one of those girls who posts selfies with her boyfriend while they share a desk chair, but she is very proud of Bleu and his accomplishments. She tweeted a lot when he was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and posts photos from all of his red carpet events. If Bleu is working on anything, she does what she can to keep his fans in the know. She shows just the right amount of love without nauseating her followers.

She Loves Animals

Clements loves her adorable dogs. Their lives are so well-documented that it almost warrants their own separate social media accounts. She has also posted pictures with cheetahs, alpacas, and snakes. She's basically a modern day Snow White with all these animals following her around.

She's a Big Fan of Beyoncé

She bowed down for the queen and stanned hard while visiting a wax museum. I wonder what she would do if she ever saw Beyoncé in real life? Probably document it on social media. And then repost it for #WCW, #TBT, #FBF, and any other day with an applicable hashtag. Clements even posts Beyoncé-inspired motivation on her Instagram. I bet she has even referred to herself as Sasha Fierce before. I just have a feeling.

She Is a Huge Harry Potter Fan

Clements and Bleu both posted a lot about their recent visit to Harry Potter World. They posed with wands and warned their followers about the "superfan" posts beforehand. I guess Bleu wasn't the only one casting a spell on her in Florida. With the two of them fanning hard on their social media accounts, I am a little surprised the proposal wasn't wizard themed.

She Supports the Gay Community

The actress is always posting sentiments to support the gay community. She has shared inspirational quotes and photos of gay pride events. Clements is also very vocal about ending bullying to help anyone who is struggling. She is not afraid to use her presence to spread empowering messages.

She Has the Sweetest Boyfriend

This is no surprise after hearing about his Prince Charming-style proposal, but the HSM actor is vey thoughtful. She has posted photos of surprise flowers and jewelry for almost every special occasion. If you weren't jealous of the perfection in her other social media posts, you have to be at least a teeny bit envious of her doting fiancé.

She's a Keeper

After every social media stalking session, I have to make my inevitable conclusion. What do I think of this girl? Is she good enough to date my friend? Would I actually want to meet her in real life? YES YES YES! I absolutely love her. She comes across as a genuine person with a lot of interesting hobbies. I don't even blame them for meeting up in a grocery store.