Congrats, Rachel & Hayden!

Your favorite tiny brunette Summer Roberts — oops, I mean Rachel Bilson, has some big news. According to Us Weekly, Rachel Bilson has welcomed a baby girl with her partner the dark Darth Hayden Christensen. The couple have not yet released a statement, but Us Weekly claims the news is confirmed from "multiple sources." As for the baby's alleged name, the one they are said to have picked out is pretty cute. Reportedly the baby is named Briar Rose, which as Us points out, is in reference to a classic fairy tale:

The adorable moniker is a nod to the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty; sheltering Princess Aurora from Maleficent's curse, the three fairies call the little girl Briar Rose. It's also the name that was used in the original Grimm Brothers fairy tale in 1812.


Though you think she would have had a Star Wars themed baby shower, Bilson actually participated in something way more chill — a shower in which she was gifted one precious, individual birth bead from each of her guests (I guess when you're an infamous O.C. alum you can afford to buy your own diaper genie). So essentially, what Bilson requested as baby gifts was GOOD VIBES, man, and it looked like it worked, because Bilson and Christensen's new daughter seems to have made it into the world safe and sound. And will, no doubt, have great eyebrows.

The couple first ~revealed~ their pregnancy around summertime, which led us to speculate that the babe would be a Christmas miracle. Looks like we were a little off with that guess, but none of that really matters because it sounds like the baby is here and healthy. Congrats to the new parents!