'South Park' Lorde Sounds A Lot Like Someone Else

When Randy Marsh sang "I am Lorde, ya ya ya" at the end of South Park episode "Gluten Free Ebola," I figured that would be the last we'd see of Stan's dad in Lorde drag. But I was wrong. The Lorde-ing had only just begun. One week later, Randy let the Hannah Montana cat out of the Miley Stewart bag: He and the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter are one in the same. But the magic doesn't stop there: It looks like the folks at South Park brought in a famous pop star to record Randy/Lorde's song "Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday)". And that pop star was not Lorde. Or Cartman's Jennifer Lopez hand puppet. Real-life Sia reportedly recorded “Push” for Randy/Lorde. And there is a downloadable, full-length version online now.

All of it is just so good: Real-life Lorde says real-life Sia recorded an original "Lorde" song for South Park. Randy Marsh is Lorde. Randy/Lorde's song is sung by real-life Sia. And real-life Lorde gets a kick out of all of it.

Though Sia has not confirmed she sang "Push," I mean, that HAS to be her voice, right? It sounds EXACTLY like her!!!

As if the "IT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE SIA" factor wasn't enough, there's a major Easter egg/clue in the episode, too. I didn't catch this when I watched "The Cissy" last week, but there's totally a cartoon Sia cameo (h/t DeathAndTaxes).

If it isn't actually Sia, I'll eat a jar of fingernail clippings. (Oh god, that got gross real fast. I'm sorry.)