You Might Not Recognize Twitty These Days

Shia LaBeouf may be a Hollywood heavyweight today, but the celebrity originally got his start playing Louis Stevens on the Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens. And while Louis was a riot on the series, it wasn't always him that he we had our eyes on — at least, not when Louis' best friend Alan Twitty was on screen. Twitty was easily the most underrated character on Even Stevens, and I'm not just talking about his hair. (Though, really, I could be — look at that hair!) Even Stevens may have ended in 2003, but the actor who played Twitty, Disney Channel star A.J. Trauth didn't drop out of Hollywood. The actor has worked steadily throughout the years, and you may be surprised to find out where you already know him from.

During the run of Even Stevens, Trauth starred in Disney Channel original movie You Wish! and an episode of Nickelodeon sketch series The Amanda Show, all kid-friendly programming in line with the fan base of the Disney sitcom. Post-Even Stevens, the actor moved onto guest starring on primetime shows — and had one very odd role on a web series. Here's what you may have seen Trauth in after his Disney days were over.

7th Heaven

He guest starred as Jordan on the 2003 episode "Getting To Know You."

The American Dragon: Jake Long Theme Song

Trauth sings the theme song to this animated series.

House, M.D.

Trauth played Henry in the 2005 episode "Mob Rules."

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The actor played a witness on the 2005 episode "Shooting Stars."


Continuing his career as a guest star on procedurals, Trauth appeared in the episode "Scorched" in 2005.

Pepper Dennis

The former Disney star played the younger brother of TV reporter Pepper Dennis on the short-lived WB series. The clip above is a prime example of what happens to Disney stars when they age out of their roles — and get really, really hot.


Trauth plays Shane, an eccentric, exercise ball-loving dude who dates main character, Ro. Watch the clip above and cringe.

If you can't recall seeing Trauth on any of the above programs, perhaps you've heard of one major step that this actor is taking in his personal life. Trauth is currently engaged to Leah Pipes, who portrays Camille on the CW series The Originals and is a former Disney Channel kid herself!

And, thanks to Trauth's fiancee, we now know how great he looks in 2014. Check out the former Disney Channel star turned stud. But sorry, guys — he's taken.

Images: Disney Channel; Warner Bros.; Giphy (2); leamariepipes10/Instagram